A metal detectorist who found a hoard of Roman coins in Shropshire is keen for it to stay in the county so is asking people to contribute to Shrewsbury Museum’s crowdfunding appeal to help them buy the coins. “I would love to be able to visit them in the museum,” he said. But one worries for him. What if the crowdfunding falls short of what he wants to get for it and he is “forced” to sell it for a higher price to a private bidder elsewhere?

One also wonders if there’s any possible way he and other detectorists can make certain their finds go to the local museum? After all, they’re only in it for the history, are they not? If YOU can think of a solution please tell the museum or the Portable Antiquities Scheme or the All Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group. Maybe they can think of something.

Meanwhile, we’ll all have to keep hearing this unpleasant British sound …


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