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Meet the Antiquarists: Thelma Wilcox

Our next Antiquarist is Thelma, also known for one of her previous canine companions, “Moss”. Thelma was an early supporter of both Heritage Action and the Journal, and was involved in the early discussions before their formation. Here are her answers to our questions: * What is/was your day job? Retired * How did your […]

Meet the Antiquarists: Chris Brooks

Introducing Chris Brooks, otherwise known as ‘Scubi’. Chris has been a stalwart supporter of Heritage Action and the Journal since its earliest days. He famously documented his travels to the far north in our 2011 series “Scubi’s Scottish Adventure”.   Here are his answers to our questions: * What is/was your day job? I am […]

Meet the Antiquarists: Nigel Swift

The first subject in our ‘Meet the Antiquarists’ series is Heritage Action chairman, Nigel Swift. So without any delay, let’s get directly into his responses to our questions… * What is/was your day job? (Was) Chartered Surveyor and lecturer. * How did your interest in Megalithic monuments begin? Pootling along westwards out of Marlborough in […]

Meet the ‘Antiquarists’!

Over the past nine years or more on the Heritage Journal we have profiled many archaeologists, asking them questions in a series we called ‘Inside the Mind‘. This series proved to be very popular, and the entry highlighting Raksha Dave has become our most popular post ever! Indeed, it still receives dozens of views every […]