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Cheers and Boos: Government joy, boring fields and Germany still ahead on penalties.

Government joy A wind turbine is to be built near the Scottish home of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother despite planning officials admitting that it will have an “unwelcome” visual impact. One strange aspect of the affair is that it is reported that the councillors approved the planning application after deciding that most […]

Cheers and Boos: women in archaeology, Stonehenge delays and a tree puzzle.

Trowelblazers – women in archaeology “Awesome trowel-wielding women: WE SALUTE YOU!” (See this excellent site  and Stonehenge delay may prompt legal action Work to upgrade a road junction near Stonehenge has been completed six months later than originally intended so English Heritage is considering legal action against the contractors. It is not known […]

Cheers and boos: Solstice penny drops, Wales rolling in cash and The Ancestor goes on tour

Solstice penny drops? Has a campaigner for open access to Stonehenge just put his finger on how the summer solstice celebrations should be run? “The popular 2012 winter solstice managed access was a real success, IMO, and showed the way forward” So why could it be considered a success and the way forward? Could it […]

Cheers and Boos: a mega job, crooks delight and bluestone blues.

Mega Job…. Do you have a few hours to spare? Crooks delight … Central Searchers, eh? Rallies on unique archaeology, customers who threaten us, a Rule that gives crooks carte blanche to steal from farmers and scores of customers that say not a word about it. You’d think, after we’d publicised it, they’d have dropped […]

Cheers and boos: Stonehenge puzzle, Government speaks out and a waste of time

A Stonehenge puzzle The new Stonehenge land trains will carry a maximum of 900 visitor per hour whereas up to 35,000 people have turned up at summer solstice previously. So what’s to be done? Well presumably while most visitors will soon be asked to co-operate in the “splendid isolation” project by parking some distance away […]

Cheers and boos: plan to demolish Avebury, Stonehenge train may be built in Scotland and Britain triumphs over the world!

Plan to demolish Avebury …. “It would be an irreplaceable loss” says a protestor and we wholeheartedly concur with their opinion that “Demolition is permanent, and once destroyed, a place is lost forever“. Scottish firm “preferred bidder” to supply Stonehenge transport system. Dunfermline’s Greenfold Systems has been named as preferred bidder to provide 15 carriages […]

Cheers and boos: smart fundraising, a jaw-dropping & beguiling video and a Glastonbury brainwave

Smart fundraising A novel way to let visitors contribute to the care of the country’s most famous chalk giant has been set up by the National Trust. Visitors snapping photos of themselves near the Cerne Abbas Giant with their smartphones will now also be able to text a donation to support his upkeep.  Charity fundraising […]

Cheers and Boos: A better Round Table, another ancient boat and a Stonehenge miracle!

A better Round Table? A lot of people are unhappy about the Stonehenge Round Table, the monthly meetings to discuss solstice and equinox access to the stones. The cost of petrol… the distance …. the failure of English Heritage to give people what they want…. “It is a joke really The Round Table is only […]

Cheers and Boos: Odd, boo hoo and smooth

Still odd Just a thought about all this dreadful weather. Will it cause a re-think on having holes in the Stonehenge Visitors Centre roof? Anyone know? (See them here) The crocodile that shed monetary tears There’s a public appeal to enable Middlewich Town Council to buy a rare 17th century ring valued at £1,900. The […]

Cheers and Boos: Heritage Protection traced, green belt busted, a soul unsold, and congratulations!

A (BBC) History of British Archaeology It seems our recent article may have managed to unwittingly get the jump on the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation. Thursday March 7th saw the first of a three part series entitled “Heritage! The Battle for Britain’s Past“. Charting the birth of the heritage movement and the first arguments of […]