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Focus On: Cornish Stone Circles – The Hurlers, Minions

Possibly one of the most well known ancient monuments in Cornwall, the Hurlers, near Minions (north of Liskeard) is an enigmatic complex, first mentioned by historian John Norden, who visited them around 1584. Situated on the moor NW of the village (with a large car park handily situated nearby), there are three stone circles next […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Stripple Stones

The Stripple Stones sit on private land on the south slope of Hawks Tor in Bodmin Moor, north of the A30. There is no public right of way to the stones. The monument itself consists of a stone circle approximately 47 yards in diameter (the second largest in Cornwall), with a fallen central stone. The […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Duloe

Duloe is both the smallest and largest stone circle in Cornwall. Hidden away in a field, accessed via a driveway between some cottages some 60 yards north of the church gate, the circle consists of 8 stones in an elongated oval just 37×39 feet in diameter. The stones used are some of the largest found […]

Focus On: Cornish Stone Circles – The Trippet Stones

The Trippet Stones can be easily reached from the A30 west of Jamaica Inn. Heading west from Bolventor, after three and a half miles or so, the dual carriageway reduces to a single carriageway. there is a turning on the right, signposted St Breward. Take this turning, and head north for three quarters of a […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Dans Maen (Merry Maidens)

The Dans Maen circle (or in English, Stone Dance) is better known as the Merry Maidens. It is one of the easiest accessible circles in Penwith, being very close to the B3315 road just west of Lamorna. A bus stop is situated just outside the field entrance. As the name suggests, this is yet another circle created […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Boskednan

Known as the Nine Maidens of Boskednan, this circle has been featured previously on the Journal – see parts 1 and 2 of West Penwith Wanderings for details of how to access the circle – and is included here in this series for completeness. The circle at Boskednan today is not as it originally was. […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Boscawen-ûn

In the first of a short series in which we intend to highlight several Cornish Stone Circles, we start in deepest West Penwith with Boscawen-ûn. Boscawen-ûn is a Bronze age stone circle in St Buryan, some 4.5 miles from Penzance. Boscawen-ûn is a Cornish name, containing the syllables bod (farmstead) and scawen (old tree). The […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Tregeseal

Continuing a series in which we look at Cornish Stone Circles, Tregeseal in West Penwith is next on our list. The circle at Tregeseal has been mentioned several times here on the Journal already, almost exclusively to report on damage to the stones or surrounding monuments. The stone circle at Tregeseal now stands alone on […]

Focus on: Castle an Dinas, St Columb Major

Situated a couple of miles or so ESE of St Columb Major in Cornwall, Castle an Dinas is an Iron Age hillfort, considered by many to be one of the most important hillforts in the southwest of Britain. It dates from around the 3rd to 2nd century BCE and consists of three ditch and rampart […]