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Proof that Glasgow University needs to think again on nighthawking?

For ages we’ve said Glasgow University should add a 5th type of “nighthawking” to their Encyclopaedia: “Having permission to detect but not revealing a find or misrepresenting its worth”. Now, the Sentencing Council’s new Guidelines on Theft Offences seem to suggests that’s true, for they identify: 3 relevant offences 1. “Going equipped for theft or […]

Glasgow University, nighthawking and moral philosophy.

Last month we suggested Glasgow University’s Encyclopaedia entry on nighthawking is incomplete as they quote only four categories: Not declaring potential Treasure finds, Searching without permission, Detecting on scheduled monuments and Not disclosing finds to a landowner (except if prior-agreed). In our opinion they’ve missed a fifth, very significant one: Not disclosing the true value of […]

Now TWO official bodies have shown Glasgow University is in the wrong!

For years we’ve campaigned for them to add a 4th and 5th definition of nighthawking to their Encyclopaedia. In 2012 they added the 4th (detecting with permission but concealing what you find) but they still refuse to add the 5th (lying to landowners about the value of finds). But now, see the new Sentencing Council […]

“Invisible nighthawking”: why does NO-ONE warn landowners to obtain independent valuations?

Glasgow University is to run a free online course on Antiquities Smuggling and Art Crime. Good! But if you set yourself up as a truth-teller…. ….. you’d best tell the whole truth. As Einstein (who lectured there) said “One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true”. However, their Encyclopaedia […]

Nighthawking and artefact theft: an open letter.

To: The Trafficking Culture Department, University of Glasgow cc.; [Sent Sunday 8 June 2014] . Good Morning, Your Encyclopedia says nighthawking (in England and Wales) can be 1. not declaring potential Treasure finds, 2. searching without permission, 3. detecting on scheduled monuments or 4. not disclosing finds to a landowner (except if […]

Farmer Brown: Britain’s selective view of heritage crime.

Friends, It drives me nuts, all this praise for the new sentencing guidelines and the fact they include “theft of historic objects or the loss of the nation’s heritage” for the first time.  That’s fine but how come they don’t say a word about daytime stealing from us farmers? Doesn’t that matter? Common sense would […]

Cheers and Boos: Rock art revealed and a little means a lot.

Rock art revealed The highest concentration of ancient rock art ever discovered in the Highlands has been found on hillside farmland in Ross-shire “Sado 81” reveals all! “Does anyone of You sell or keep those-say sixpences and come to the landowner to give him the 50% of it? Well- I dont….. I cant […]

Farmer Brown writes again!

Dear English Heritage and Council for British Archaeology, No word yet on if you’ll publish an official finds agreement to protect us farmers from being ripped off but I notice EH has already written something that would do nicely. It’s in their document that all participants in official archaeological projects (including many detectorists) happily sign. […]

Artefact Hunting

All our articles from 2005 onwards on unnecessary exploitation and damage to the buried archaeological resource for recreation or profit – presented as a foil to the shameless pro-detecting public noise from detectorists and PAS… 2020 NCMD warns members against reform! Landowners misinformed Govt locks down most metal detecting events but not rallies! Britain now […]