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Houses for Ghosts at Oswestry Hill Fort?

It’s no secret that builders prefer to build on open land because it’s quicker, cheaper and easier than previously-used brownfield sites and the houses will be in far greater demand and hence will command higher prices. That’s why it was such a bad idea for the Government to have been advised on planning matters by […]

Threats to Oswestry Hill Fort: unfinished business.

A worrying question remains: what is it about this place that has attracted so many threats to its setting over the years? One reason is that no-one knows where the setting IS. Back in 2013 the Town Council published an erroneous and damaging diagram purporting to be “an informed and influential guide to developers, setting […]

Oswestry pension scheme delayed?

Seven out of eight development targets around Oswestry Hill Fort are no longer up for exploitation. Or so it seems. . Apparently unless the planning policy changes, it is unlikely the area surrounding the hillfort will be developed for the foreseeable future. Note though, an eighth target is still live and anyone who has watched […]

Lest anyone thinks there’s just a threat at Oswestry: there’s a process.

It’ll take many years to fully achieve but the direction of travel of ruthless developers together with a compliant Council is very clear in the image below. As early as 2016 we implied there was a long term plan (in an article about the sudden banning of metal detecting from one field, perhaps for fear […]

Oswestry’s Heritage Heroes

Yesterday was the 4th Oswestry Hillfort Hug when people from near and far came together to defend their Iron Age Heritage from the depredations of greedy money and philistine authority…. .  

Is Oswestry Britain’s unluckiest town?

Everyone knows the hillfort’s setting is in peril but few know of Whittington, 3 miles away. For 2 years “Metal Detecting Holidays” has run 16 tours based there, mainly for Americans (paying £1,499 each). They say they “register older finds with PAS” but PAS’s map, below, shows only 7 finds at Whittington and very few […]

Oswestry Hill Fort: beware of Galliers bearing gifts!

Galliers Homes are building 19 houses in Newport, Salop (£365,000 each, so £7 million in total). They’re donating £500 to a local school for a piano. Not a lot but not unique: “We always consider the community” said a spokesperson. So will there be a gift for Oswestry where Galliers want to build 6 times […]

Oswestry Agenda busters?

Back in September,  Hands off Old Oswestry Hillfort (HOOOH) pointed out that the news that Shropshire has a 5 + year surplus of housing land destroys the case for building new houses on the setting of Oswestry Hillfort. So far, unsurprisingly, Shropshire Council hasn’t embraced that logic. However, Oswestry Town Council has now resolved to […]

Oswestry hillfort’s setting: not just a chance of reprieve but of being permanently saved!

Shropshire’s latest five-year housing figures make a re-think obligatory say the campaigners. The new figures show the latest Salop 5 year housing land supply is in surplus, with a 6.04 years supply of deliverable housing land, equating to 2,140 homes above target. This opens the way for the 117 houses in the hillfort’s setting to […]

A new threat to the setting of Oswestry Hill Fort?

Land for Sale: [see here]. “The land offers itself for a variety of uses to include agricultural, amenity, equestrian and the potential for future residential development (subject to gaining planning permission)“   . In normal circumstances, in most places, the possibility of residential development wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. But this is Shropshire …