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Oswestry: Outcry at Historic England U-turn

The latest Press Release from the Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort campaigners: – Historic England deals late blow to community’s 8-year fight to save the setting of one of Britain’s outstanding Iron Age hillforts from housing development – Campaigners are up in arms at news that Historic England has relaxed its concerns over development in […]

Oswestry: Council website struggles under weight of objections

The renowned academic, Professor Dame Mary Beard, has added her voice to nationwide concerns over major development in Old Oswestry hillfort’s historical setting. The Much Wenlock born classics professor, writer and TV presenter is among numerous celebrities who have been reacting on social media to Galliers Homes’ proposals for 91 houses as the consultation deadline […]

Oswestry: Campaigners make final stand as deadline looms

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the recent deadline for objections to the latest planning application at Oswestry Hillfort was delayed by 2 weeks. This expires next week, and the Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort (HOOOH) campaign have issued another press release, calling for one last push from objectors to help save the hillfort and […]

Old Oswestry – a final reminder!

As mentioned recently, the latest deadline for objections to the most recent planning application at Old Oswestry Hillfort expires in two days time (April 2nd). As of last night, less than 30 objections have been registered, but it’s hoped this will increase with last-minute submissions in the two days remaining. If you’ve not yet submitted […]

Oswestry Hillfort – Another deadline looms

As mentioned last Friday, the developers at Oswestry recently withdrew two plans to build upon the site. But as anticipated, a further plan has been introduced in its place, as the latest newsletter from the Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort (HOOOH) campaign explains: April 2nd is the deadline to object to yet another revised development […]

Oswestry: Good news or bad?

There have been various articles on internet web sites and social media over the last few days, explaining that the developers at Oswestry Hill Fort have effectively ‘walked away’ from the project and cancelled their plans for the development. However, looking deeper at the news, the threat remains. A point that has been clearly explained […]

Houses for Ghosts at Oswestry Hill Fort?

It’s no secret that builders prefer to build on open land because it’s quicker, cheaper and easier than previously-used brownfield sites and the houses will be in far greater demand and hence will command higher prices. That’s why it was such a bad idea for the Government to have been advised on planning matters by […]

Threats to Oswestry Hill Fort: unfinished business.

A worrying question remains: what is it about this place that has attracted so many threats to its setting over the years? One reason is that no-one knows where the setting IS. Back in 2013 the Town Council published an erroneous and damaging diagram purporting to be “an informed and influential guide to developers, setting […]

Oswestry pension scheme delayed?

Seven out of eight development targets around Oswestry Hill Fort are no longer up for exploitation. Or so it seems. . Apparently unless the planning policy changes, it is unlikely the area surrounding the hillfort will be developed for the foreseeable future. Note though, an eighth target is still live and anyone who has watched […]

Lest anyone thinks there’s just a threat at Oswestry: there’s a process.

It’ll take many years to fully achieve but the direction of travel of ruthless developers together with a compliant Council is very clear in the image below. As early as 2016 we implied there was a long term plan (in an article about the sudden banning of metal detecting from one field, perhaps for fear […]