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More evidence that allowing brandalism is damaging?

We’ve often claimed that official toleration of brandalism at monuments  and precious places might erode respect for such places and create a mindset in some people that could lead them to commit damaging copycatting elsewhere. We wonder if this, on the South Downs, is an example? . (Ironically, the South Downs recently got £4.8m EU […]

Brandalism at Tintagel, and this time it’s permanent!

We’ve written many times in the past about situations where, whether by arrangement with the site custodians, or illegally via vandalism, ancient sites have been damaged (temporarily in most cases) in the name of ‘marketing’. Over the past couple of weeks, a new furore has arisen in Tintagel Cornwall, over a new carving of the […]

More brandalism. Grrrr!

This time it’s at The Long Man of Wilmington (yet again!) ….. It seems that no permanent damage was done this time (or has it?) but it might be expected that people who object to fracking would have more respect for scheduled monuments and be aware that damaging copycatting may be generated. We were in […]

Archaeologists discuss the complex issue of brandalism. Good!

It was good to see archaeologists debating the rights and wrongs of “brandalising” monuments recently on the BAJR forum as it’s an issue that needs resolving, once and for all. It was prompted by this at Cardiff Castle and the question “Anyone concerned about the ethical implications of this for the Roman sections?” It was […]

Tintagel: Do English Heritage understand the meaning of the word ‘Heritage’?

We’ve spoken many times on the Journal about the lack of sensitivity when it comes to local opinion at heritage sites – Stonehenge being the prime example. And last year we highlighted several issues at Tintagel in Cornwall where the heritage of the site seemed to be taking a back seat to the need for […]

National Trust reaps what it sows: Cerne Abbot Giant embellished

  . For some reason The word “Theresa” has been spelled out on the Cerne Abbot Giant’s penis. The painted hardboard letters were added on Monday. The National Trust, which manages the protected site, slammed the prank amid fears it had damaged the figure, which is both a Scheduled Ancient Monument and part of a […]

Historic England fall down on another guardianship role

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that they are lobbying for the Stonehenge World Heritage site to be grievously damaged, but Heritage England has just retweeted this from its archive:. Historic England Retweeted In 2007 Homer Simpson took a trip to Dorset…….. … . What possessed them to drag that up again after […]

Review of the Year 2016: Part 1

The wheel continues to turn, a major festival has once again passed, and all too soon it’s time for another review of the previous twelve months here on the Heritage Journal. Well, what a year! There has been an absolute dearth of good news as far as heritage protection is concerned, and sadly the future […]

A critical visit to Tintagel

We wrote a piece a few months ago about the heavy-handed management and ‘brandalism’ occurring in the name of ‘visitor engagement’ at Tintagel in Cornwall. Now, following recent archaeological excavations at the site, the BBC web site is proclaiming ‘The royal residence of 6th Century rulers is believed to have been discovered at the legendary […]

Review of the Year 2015: Part 3

by Alan S. We conclude our review of 2015 on the Heritage Journal, through Autumn and bringing us right up to date. September Sadly, there seems to be a need amongst certain visitors to ancient sites to proclaim their presence to others in the worst way possible. We highlighted two sites where this was the […]