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Images of Cornwall 12 – Carn Euny

By Alan S. The final video for now from our tour of Cornish antiquities visits the Carn Euny courtyard house settlement. Continually occupied for over 800 years, the final phase of the settlement consisted of three large courtyard houses, several smaller oval buildings and a fogou. The fogou was discovered in 1857, and excavated in […]

Images of Cornwall 11 – Ballowall Barrow

By Alan S. Another video from our tour of Cornish antiquities shows the Ballowall Barrow, also known as Carn Gluze (or Gloose), near St. Just in Penwith. This funerary cairn was used in several phases from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. The site was excavated by Borlase in the 1800’s at which time the site […]

Images of Cornwall 10 – Zennor Quoit

By Alan S. Our latest video from a tour of Cornish antiquities shows Zennor Quoit, famously saved from demolition in 1861, by William Borlase (a great grandson of Dr. William Borlase and vicar at Zennor). A local farmer proposed to convert the monument into a cattle–shed, but the Reverend intervened and successfully offered a financial […]

Images of Cornwall 9 – Chun Quoit

By Alan S. Another stop on our video tour of Cornish antiquities sees us climb up onto Chun Downs to visit the Neolithic burial cairn of Chun Quoit. Wath this space for more videos to come. Previous videos in the series can be found here.

Images of Cornwall 8 – Tregeseal Circle (Puzzle solved!)

By Alan S. Our video tour continues with the remaining circle at Tregeseal, in the shadow of Carn Kenidjack, the ‘Hooting Carn’. Look for more videos in this series in the coming weeks.

Images of Cornwall 7 – Lanyon Quoit

By Alan S. Moving on, the iconic Lanyon Quoit is an ‘Image of Cornwall’ that many people outside of the Duchy will immediately recognise. The quoit fell in the early 1800’s and was restored in 1824. Before the restoration, it was said a man on horseback could ride beneath the capstone. This is no longer […]

Images of Cornwall 6 – The Merry Maidens

By Alan S. For our next look at the ancient sites of West Penwith we visit the (reconstructed) Merry Maidens circle, near Lamorna. Other sites nearby include the Pipers, Gun Rith and Boscawen Ros standing stones. Look for more videos in this series in the coming weeks.

Images of Cornwall 5 – Mulfra Quoit

By Alan S. The next video in our series of visits in West Penwith shows the top of Mulfra Hill and the ancient quoit there. Look for more videos in this series in the coming weeks.

Images of Cornwall 4 – Boskednan Downs

By Alan S. Our next video visit is to a couple of sites close to both the Men an Tol and Bosiliack Barrow previously shown. Boskednan Downs is the site of a restored stone circle with outlier, and several cairns as well as being an area of intense tin mining since prehistoric times. If there’s a […]

Images of Cornwall 3 – Bosiliack Barrow

by Alan S. In another of our series of video tours of a selection of the ancient sites of West Cornwall, this time we take a look at the Bosiliack Barrow, a small Neolithic (3000-2500 B.C.) Scillonian entrance grave consisting of a 16 foot (5m) diameter circular mound of stones. The kerb of larger slabs […]