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English Heritage update on the update on the Priddy repairs!

We forgot to add this to the previous update! Jan 29, 2015 “Thank you for your e-mail. My last update on this project had been in November last year, when the archaeological contractor had confirmed that the reinstatement had been completed but final photos were needed. I hadn’t heard anything since and as I was […]

English Heritage update on the Priddy repairs

In response to our enquiries English Heritage recently supplied us with this Press Statement outlining the latest position: ENGLISH HERITAGE PRESS STATEMENT – Priddy Circle 1 “Given the national and international significance of the Priddy Circles, English Heritage felt it important that the damage caused to the monument should not be repaired without some archaeological […]

Finally, Priddy good news

After a week or three of pestering English Heritage before Christmas about the seeming stagnation regarding the repair of the Priddy Henge damaged by workmen representing Roger Penny, we finally received the following press release below. Apologies about the delay getting it to you, Christmas and New Year got in the way. A report on […]

More damage at Priddy?

The image below was taken from the Countryside Alliance Twitter feed last week. Leaving aside the ethics of hunting, on Boxing Day or any other day of the year, let’s take a look at the morality of the situation. Can it be considered ‘right’ to trample all over a scheduled ancient monument with a herd of large animals […]

Dear Mr Penny, about Priddy….

Here is a letter we’ve sent to Mr Penny. You never know, it might be worth it. _______________________________________ Dear Mr Penny, According to the police and English Heritage it is important that proper consideration is given to the impact of a crime on a heritage asset. We’d like to explain why we think that hasn’t […]

Lucky Penny? Did the Priddy sentence get accidentally reduced?

Many people feel the Priddy decision was about right. We’re less certain. £48,000 is not a lot for a top-of-the-scale heritage crime committed by someone wealthy enough to afford to pay a lot more. “More” would have had two useful effects: it would have provided a stronger deterrent for others and it would have established […]

The Priddy Sentence Dissected

So, we now know how it went…. “You’ve been a bit naughty”    “Mea Culpa guv. It was an honest mistake, I cocked up. Sorry?” “Fair enough, but we’ll have to give you a slap on the wrist, for appearances sake.”    “What say £38 grand to make things right?” “Done” (Thinks – “you have […]

Priddy sentence delivered.

English Heritage has published the following press release: “English Heritage is very pleased that Mr Penny has agreed to pay for repairs to the monument and other mitigation works at a cost of around £38,000. In addition he has been fined £2,500 and ordered to pay costs of £7,500. He will also bear his own […]

Priddy: Oh no, anything but that!

Did the paper get it wrong? …. “The archaeological community is looking for guidance from the case of a Mendip landowner into the penalty that may be imposed for damaging historic sites“ The archaeological community can express an opinion (just as we did recently ourselves) but only the judge can decide the penalty. So probably […]

Cheers and Boos: Arty-tarty, an amorous hitch-hiker and red tape at Priddy

And you thought she was a bit slaggy! Northumberlandia has now been opened. We apologise for previous Micky-taking. According to an Arts correspondent of the Gruniad “There’s a slumberous dreamlike delicacy to this work of art that dares to proclaim the wonder of the human body, that fertile marvel“. Does this mean there’ll be a […]