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Did you know, metal detecting rallies are now lasting A WEEK!

KIMBO’S BOXTED ‘BIG WEEK’ CHARITY EVENT From Facebook Treasure Hunting magazine is absolutely delighted to announce that Kimbo’s Boxted ‘Big Week’ Charity Event will be taking place this year. Being held on prime land which has revealed numerous Celtic coins and other notable finds over the years. The name ‘Boxted’ (in Essex) itself now synonymous […]

Licensing of metal detecting rallies? Heaven forfend!

When it comes to “engagement” with metal detectorists you’d be forgiven for thinking some archaeologists don’t read the detecting forums much. If they did they’d know that 90% of detectorists oppose licensing and are violently opposed to rules other than their own – why else do you suppose they’ve invented their own substitute reponsibility codes? […]

Large scale metal detecting rallies to be banned, surely?

by Nigel Swift This week a detectorist asked Prof Michael Lewis if Tuesday’s portable antiquities advisory group meeting would be “positive” about rallies and was told “To be honest, not really“. About time! It’s been a whole decade since Mike Heyworth of the CBA called for “more research to be carried out on the damage […]

Farmer Brown: the visible difference between “metal detecting charity rallies” and cons.

Dear Fellower Landowners, Soon charity rallies will be starting again, so please remember: ALL finds are yours (or occasionally the country’s) so you alone should say who gets what and if anything can be taken away. So it follows that if you’re offered a finds agreement that says less than that, you’d be foolish to […]

The admission that big commercial detecting rallies are malign: 5 questions not addressed in The Times!

A new definitive official stance is born (see yesterday): “Most detectorists at commercial metal detecting rallies don’t report finds”. Allelujah! But now for some questions: 1. Since that has been blindingly clear in PAS’s own statistics for 20 years, why has it taken till now to admit it to the readers of British Archaeology and […]

At LAST! Britain condemns detecting rallies!

Michael Lewis, Head of PAS and Mike Heyworth, previous Head of CBA, have condemned metal detecting rallies, first in British Archaeology and now in The Times. The tone is far stronger than the current pulling of punches on the PAS website. Well, Hurrah! But for many years we’ve published HUNDREDS of articles begging for that […]

Instant confirmation that “licensing” of metal detecting rallies would be a damaging farce.

The proof is in this message from the organiser of yesterday’s rally (and today’s and Wednesday’s and next Saturday’s): , “Great 1st day back today , Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, Well done to the finders . The Flo link for this event is Wiltshire Team Wil Partridge Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire Telephone: 01722 […]

Shropshire and Gloucestershire locals being put at risk today by two commercial detecting rallies.

Weekend Wanderers have canceled today’s metal detecting rally in Hampshire because it’s easily accessible from London (Coronavirus Zone 2,  High Risk). The organisers say they cannot go ahead with digs “until we feel comfortable that we are doing the right thing.” By contrast, Let’s Go Digging and “Sovereign Metal Detecting Rallys” (sic) are holding digs […]

Metal detecting rallies: “seedbeds of human generosity”!

Maybe it is these words from an academic that have led Rotary International to be the main suppliers of land for detecting rallies: “Empirical studies increasingly testify to the capacity for archaeological and cultural heritage sites to engender wonder, transformation, attachment, and community bonding among diverse individuals… these sites have the power to ‘enchant’ and, […]

Rotary Clubs: enabling metal detecting rallies and causing massive heritage damage!

Rotary Clubs are by far the biggest hosts of Charity detecting rallies. (“Rotary club” + “metal detecting” gets you 15,500 Google hits). It’s due to the kindness of their land-owning members, unaware of the heritage damage, and that the main beneficiaries are the detectorists, who keep the finds, not donate them. Last year Dunmow Rotary […]