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As if Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions weren’t embarrassing enough for Britain ….

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Dr Sam Hardy has concluded laissez-faire applied to metal detecting simply doesn’t work (see here). But the question is WHY? The answer has been voiced for some years by other independent academics: 5 years ago Suzie Thomas of the Scottish Centre for […]

Dr Sam Hardy’s two detecting bombshells: what should happen next.

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Dr Hardy’s two metal detecting propositions – that “laissez faire” doesn’t work and that over 92% of British recordable detecting finds may be being lost to science – can surely not be ignored, they are far too consequential for that. We certainly […]

A second bombshell for Britain from Dr Sam Hardy!

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Two weeks ago we highlighted a bombshell from Sam Hardy of UCL, the fact that laissez faire regimes don’t reduce metal detecting damage, only regulation does. But there’s more….. Both PAS and we have long assumed there are about 8,000 licit detectorists […]

Thomas Hardy’s Landscapes: New exhibition at Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Press Release: Wiltshire Heritage Museum.   A new exhibition Landscapes of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, bringing together the works of artists Rob Pountney, Dave Gunning and David Inshaw, opens at Wiltshire Heritage Museum on Saturday 28 May 2011.    The exhibition displays works that depict the spectacular landscapes and ancient archaeological sites that feature in the novels […]

Metal Detecting: New Year, no change – in fact heartbreakingly worse.

Our Erosion Counter continues to grow inexorably. On the last day of 2020, it showed 6,972,338 recordable artefacts dug up with only 1,516,359 objects (in 971,530 records) in the PAS database. It still runs on our original estimate of 8,000 active detectorists but as everyone now agrees, there are now vastly more of those so […]

A Hogmanay word from Farmer Jock Brown

Dear Friends, My cousin Silas told me (via Paul Barford): “Sam Hardy’s work suggests there are 1,447 detectorists in Scotland. Yet according to the last report, less than 200 items or groups of items were reported as the law requires.” But as we all know, Britain has been occupied for millennia and it’s just not […]

Artefact Erosion Counter too low by 400,000 since last July?

Our Artefact Erosion Counter is currently showing 6,447,350 finds made (and mostly not recorded) since PAS was formed. We trust that appalling figure will be borne in mind at this time when laissez faire metal detecting is in the spotlight. But on 15th July last year Paul Barford began an Artefact Erosion Counter Mark ll, […]

PAS shifts position on metal detecting?

The 6 academics including from PAS who recently sought to downplay Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions have “clarified” their astounding claim that non-reporting isn’t damaging: “We feel that our paper too has been misrepresented in reactions elsewhere on the internet.” “It should be obvious that it was not intended to propagate a liberal, ‘pro-detecting’ viewpoint” No, […]

Six academics may wish to reflect ….

Incisive as ever, Professor David Gill says the 6 academics seeking to minimise Sam Hardy’s conclusions “may wish to reflect on whether or not their own position is endangering the finite archaeological record“. Quite. Their assertion that “unreported finds are not damage” is simply wrong and must be damaging because it will result in fewer […]

A question writ large in the sun drenched fields: “Why the hell defend “laissez faire”?

.. We ask because 6 academics organised by PAS are trying to minimise Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions and now say “unreported finds are not damage, but at worst a zero-gain“ which is clearly untrue. Now Raimund Karl of Bangor Uni is saying Sam’s figure of 27,000 detectorists “must be discarded” (even though one Facebook detecting […]