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As if Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions weren’t embarrassing enough for Britain ….

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Dr Sam Hardy has concluded laissez-faire applied to metal detecting simply doesn’t work (see here). But the question is WHY? The answer has been voiced for some years by other independent academics: 5 years ago Suzie Thomas of the Scottish Centre for […]

Dr Sam Hardy’s two detecting bombshells: what should happen next.

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Dr Hardy’s two metal detecting propositions – that “laissez faire” doesn’t work and that over 92% of British recordable detecting finds may be being lost to science – can surely not be ignored, they are far too consequential for that. We certainly […]

A second bombshell for Britain from Dr Sam Hardy!

[For more on Dr Hardy’s conclusions put “Sam Hardy” in our search box]. Two weeks ago we highlighted a bombshell from Sam Hardy of UCL, the fact that laissez faire regimes don’t reduce metal detecting damage, only regulation does. But there’s more….. Both PAS and we have long assumed there are about 8,000 licit detectorists […]

Thomas Hardy’s Landscapes: New exhibition at Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Press Release: Wiltshire Heritage Museum.   A new exhibition Landscapes of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, bringing together the works of artists Rob Pountney, Dave Gunning and David Inshaw, opens at Wiltshire Heritage Museum on Saturday 28 May 2011.    The exhibition displays works that depict the spectacular landscapes and ancient archaeological sites that feature in the novels […]

Metal Detecting: more than a whiff of orchestrated misinformation?

Two organisations and four foreign universities, all linked through a single project, have published a paper attacking Dr Sam Hardy‘s recent study. Three things they say might make you suspicious there’s an agenda involved: . First they say “it is wrong to simply conflate hobby detectorists [sic] with commercial entrepreneurs as Hardy does” But if […]

Conservation shame.

Mark Harrison (Historic England’s Head of Heritage Crime and Policing Advice) pulled no punches about recent nighthawking at Hadrian’s Wall: “We may never see or fully understand the objects taken or damaged because they have been removed from their original sites with no care or record as to their history or context.” What a crying […]

Treasure without blather

A beautiful Tweet from Ireland: “Just out of frame: the sun beaten youthful wrists that once went through them; followed perhaps by the final hands that deposited them into wetlands under a cold, cloudy, deterirating winter sky”. (@VoxHib) And a response: “Y’see, despite fierce intellect, Voxy gets the heart of this gig. It makes him […]

Did you know nighthawks are also respectable detectorists? of COURSE you didn’t!

This week a number of pro-detecting academics have presented a pre-determined view of detecting. We think numbers of detectorists versus the number who report all their finds is all that matters, nothing else, so Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions can’t be wished away or spun. It’s the numbers, stupid. Anyway, for now, perhaps we can demolish […]

Metal detecting: A tale of erosion in three cities

. We thought we’d mention our Artefact Erosion Counter (of artefacts removed by detectorists since 1975, mostly unreported) recently reached 13 million! If each was an inch wide they’d stretch the 200 miles from the British Museum to the Louvre in Paris – where, no doubt, archaeologists would speak out. If however our estimate of […]

Heritage theft: why can’t we ID these people?

“Can you ID this male?” (asks PC Andy Long the Essex Heritage Crime Officer). “Nighthawking is theft! They steal property & our history.” . But why bother about that fellow when every detectorist, policeman and PAS official constantly stresses nighthawks are a tiny, tiny minority of detectorists?  Why worry about the damage he causes when […]