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The “Firefly Stealth Device”: another nighthawking aid ideal for use on the Staffordshire Hoard field?

As we recently pointed out, for many years nighthawks have had at their disposal far deeper-seeking machines than were used by the original finder or during the two subsequent archaeologist-organised searches. The implications are clear. But we’ve heard not a word from officialdom (even though in 2012 they wrote asking us to keep them informed). […]

Nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field: UPDATE

We’ve just added this update to last week’s article, “Staffordshire Joke“: *************************************************************** UPDATE 14 September 2013 It is noteworthy that it isn’t just The Establishment that has maintained a profound silence about ongoing nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field, it is detectorists – who have said not a single public word about it. Until today, […]

More nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field

Following last week’s report we revisited yesterday and it is evident that the recent intrusions on the western edge of the field are not the only  ones. We think there are probably eight holes visible from outside the land including this one that can be seen from the south… and this one (together with footsteps) […]

Recent nighthawking activity on the Staffordshire Hoard field

These photographs were taken yesterday morning close to the section of the field where the original hoard was recovered. Image 1: Open hole with footsteps Image 2: Detail of the same hole: Image 3: Further detail: There were three additional areas of probable activity about 20 yards to the left. Judging by the footsteps the […]

For just a few quid YOU too could search for the Staffordshire hoard, far deeper than the archaeos did!

by Nigel Swift I was shocked recently to find a number of companies will hire high performing metal detectors for relative peanuts. Whether and how much the Minelab GPX 5000 could be hired in UK is uncertain but £45 a day is normal in Oz. GPXs can go down to 18.5 to 24 inches, far […]

The missing Staffordshire hoard, abandoned to crooks, not even given a blob.

Here’s a funny thing. A map by Historic England of scheduled and other sites targeted by nighthawks. But one of the most important is missing. So we’ve added it (in yellow). . Does the omission matter, one blob in so many? Actually, it does, for that’s the Staffordshire Hoard field and we’ve posted 22 articles […]

Was there a “pragmatic decision” to recover only PART of the Staffordshire Hoard?

by Nigel Swift In a recent chat with some prominent archaeologists, I was surprised to hear: “There is absolutely no foolproof method for extracting every single scrap of a disturbed hoard from the ploughsoil. Like any archaeological project, pragmatic decisions have to be made about whether the majority and/or a representative sample have been recovered.“ […]

Confirmed. The Staffordshire Hoard searches WERE inadequate

The Council for British Archaeology has just tweeted: “The new book on the Staffordshire Hoard is out today. To celebrate, we have opened up 4 articles from the British Archaeology archives“. So we looked. Four bits stood out: . . . . . As we’ve long said, military-grade detectors were not up to this task. […]

The Staffordshire Hoard: no, we won’t desist or be dismissed as ill-informed….

A story is going round that it’s only we who are concerned that not all of the Staffordshire hoard was recovered. It’s not and never has been. See the remarks of the proprietor of the local Brownhills Blog in 2012: “Hmm. You’ve just bagged one of the greatest historical finds in decades – possibly […]

A plea for protection of the remaining Staffordshire Hoard by People Power!

By Nigel Swift Recently I revisited the Staffordshire Hoard field. I could see nothing untoward as it was still in crop and any digging would be concealed. Soon however it will be ploughed and that’s when any new nighthawking activities will be obvious (footsteps and holes). I now live a long way from there and […]