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Stonehenge tunnel fib in plain sight…

It’s endlessly claimed that “the tunnel will stop the stones being choked by traffic fumes” … Choked by fumes? Really? See this: Chances are, the air is cleaner at the stones than at YOUR house! And definitely far cleaner than inside a tunnel.

Stonehenge tunnel: beware of National Trust dirty tricks next month!

Following our recent complaint about the National Trust’s failure to remember the word “everyone” when it comes to keeping its land free from trail hunting, we received this comment by S Keene: “They did the same thing voting over the Stonehenge A303 improvements. Members’ motion at the Trust’s 2017 AGM asked Trustees to reconsider their […]

National Trust using a robot to answer complaints about their support for the Stonehenge tunnel?


Highways England tries (and fails) to paint the Stonehenge tunnel as a knowledge-gathering exercise!

Even with a highly pro-tunnel interlocutor, the Highways England Cultural Advisor Jim Hunter struggles to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Thus: Q: “Will the public be able to learn about what’s being found”? (In cricket that’s known as a very slow, very friendly full toss!) Jim Hunter: “Absolutely… We’ll visit schools, […]

The Stonehenge Tunnel: an expert explains

. Soon, you may have to hand over a picture of Turner every time you want to see the stones. Maybe several.

If the devotees had seen THIS would they still have supported the Stonehenge tunnel?

Who knows? But in 2018 they hadn’t seen a picture of the scale of the boring machines. They still haven’t, but here’s a smaller one being used for HS2. So here are CBA’s six principles followed by our own comments in red, reflecting the reality of that photograph: i. minimum damage to known or potential […]

A 40th yowling moggy: “the Stonehenge tunnel will boost the SW economy”! No!

18/01/2021 in Metal detecting (Edit) People in Devon and Cornwall are being told the Stonehenge tunnel will boost the South West economy. It’s a lie, the 40th Yowling Moggy (the sound made when the truth is being tortured. Here are the other 39.) It’s easily demonstrated. According to the Highways England Technical Appraisal Report, when […]

Breaking News: Minister lies to the House about the Stonehenge Tunnel, sort of.

Rachel Maclean. Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Dept for Transport): . “The A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down scheme is currently subject to a legal challenge but if the project was to proceed, as approved by the Secretary of State for Transport on 12 November 2020, then there will not be a toll for accessing the proposed tunnel. Provision […]

A303 Stonehenge tunnel: Highways England’s large & no small print

Having featured the Highways England video posted on social media 16 December 2020, advice for SMEs (small and medium-sized business enterprises) which momentarily included some small print in the top left corner, the Heritage Journal have been informed that Highways England posted an almost identical video on social media 17 December 2020 that no longer […]

A303 Stonehenge tunnel: Highways England’s large & small print

Highways England’s A303 Stonehenge Community posted a 20 second video on social media 16 December 2020, featuring advice from a supplier to a road scheme in another part of the country, which in addition to sound was spelled out in large print: The main advice I would give to SMEs [small and medium-sized business enterprises] that are looking to […]