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An Archaeological Tarot – Summary

Appropriately, with the coming of All Hallows Eve tomorrow, we have now concluded our ‘Tarot Tuesday’ series, which attempted to link archaeological monuments to the cards of the Major Arcana. For ease of reference, the cards (and the sites we selected for them) are listed below, linking back to the original articles. 0 The Fool […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Magician

And so we reach the end. The final card in our Tarot draw is card I, the first of the Major Arcana, The Magician. The Magician: “Confident, Creative, Important communications, Skillful, Talented & proficient” The last site we shall be visiting in this series certainly has a magical look about it. The capstone at Pentre […]

An Archaeological Tarot – Wheel of Fortune

The penultimate card in our Tarot draw is card X of the Major Arcana, Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune: “Change, Destiny, Good luck, Lifecycles, New direction” Previous sites in this series have largely had an obvious connection to the drawn card. Our site this week is a very personal choice, and possibly the most […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Fool

Only three cards left in our weekly draw and this week’s is card 00 of the Major Arcana, The Fool. The Fool: “Carefree, Foolish, Important decisions, New beginnings, Optimistic” The Fool is considered a powerful card associated with new beginnings and the closure of old ways. With this in mind, today we look briefly at […]

An Archaeological Tarot – Strength

This week’s draw in our ongoing series is card VIII of the Major Arcana, Strength. Strength: “Energy, Facing problems, Strength, Vitality, Willpower” One of the great mysteries of the Neolithic period concerns exactly how the monuments were constructed. The question of how much energy and manpower would be needed when facing the problems of monument […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Moon

The drawn card this week is card III of the Major Arcana, The Moon. The Moon: “Be careful, Caution, Confusion, Delusion, Risk” For this week’s card, we’re not highlighting a specific site, but instead are concentrating on a monument class, that of the FOGOU. The name comes from the Cornish word ‘fogo’ meaning ‘a cave’ […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Devil

As we continue our series, the drawn card this week is card XV of the Major Arcana, The Devil. The Devil: “Anger, Jealousy and resentment, Self-delusion, Selfishness, Violence” This week’s site certainly covers most of the interpretations of the Devil card. Investigated by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in the 1930’s, Maiden Castle in Dorset was still […]

An Archaeological Tarot – Death

The Tarot Tuesday card this week is card XIII of the Major Arcana, Death. Death: “End, New beginning, Loss, Dramatic change, Destruction” Our associated site this week is one that lay hidden for thousands of years, returned to the public eye and was controversially ‘saved’ from eventual destruction and now resides in a museum. Seahenge […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Empress

We are now 2/3 through our Tarot Tuesday series, and entering the home straight. The drawn card this week is card III of the Major Arcana, The Empress. The Empress: “Abundant creativity, Fertility, Fulfillment, Mother figure, Productivity” For today’s card, we visit a site in Cumbria, one of the largest stone circles in England. Imbued […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Sun

The 14th card in our Tarot Tuesday draw is card IXX of the Major Arcana, The Sun. The Sun: “Abundance, Achievement, Joy, Productivity, Success” The Sun is a card full of life, joy, and energy. It reveals positive achievements, successful endeavors, and an overall manifestation of good fortune in your life. Creation of a stone […]