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An Archaeological Tarot – The Moon

The drawn card this week is card III of the Major Arcana, The Moon. The Moon: “Be careful, Caution, Confusion, Delusion, Risk” For this week’s card, we’re not highlighting a specific site, but instead are concentrating on a monument class, that of the FOGOU. The name comes from the Cornish word ‘fogo’ meaning ‘a cave’ […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Hierophant

We are now 1/3 through our Tarot Tuesday journey, and the drawn card this week is card V of the Major Arcana, The Hierophant. The Hierophant: “Approval, Conformity, Consent, Good advice, Marriage or Union” Interpreting the Tarot can be a very conflicting process. An initial response to the drawing of any card can often be […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Star

Our Tarot Tuesday card this week is card XVII of the Major Arcana, The Star. The Star: “Calm and serenity, Destiny, Hope, Opportunity, Renewal” Many Tarot deck designs show a Star with either 7 or 8 points, above a woman pouring water from two pitchers. Our site for this card is certainly star-shaped, though with […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The High Priestess

Another Tarot Tuesday, and another card. This week, we look at The High Priestess, card II of the Major Arcana. The High Priestess: “Feminine influences, Insightful, Mystery, Understanding, Wisdom” This week we turn our attention to landscape mysteries, and a beauty sleeping in the landscape of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland; “Cailleach na Mointeach”, […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Tower

The next card drawn for Tarot Tuesday is The Tower, card XVI of the Major Arcana. The Tower: “Destruction, Dramatic change, Loss and ruin, New start, Unexpected events” An ominous card. Portraying disruption, conflict, unforeseen and traumatic events. When thinking of a tower, the first monuments that come to mind are the Scottish brochs, all […]

An Archaeological Tarot – The Chariot

The first card to be drawn in our Tarot Tuesday series is The Chariot, card VII of the Major Arcana. The Chariot: “Journey, Progression, Strong character, Success from effort, Transportation and movement” An interesting first card, as we certainly have a journey ahead of us as we progress through our archaeological tarot. The transportation and […]

An Archaeological Tarot – An Introduction

Welcome to a new series, ‘Tarot Tuesday’. Most people know of the Tarot as a system of divination using a special deck of cards. What is less well known is that the Tarot is based on a pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games such […]