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The Uffington White Horse: just a thought…

A 1776 image superimposed on a modern photograph. Could the modern “head” have been an eye? .

Uffington Horse to get a facelift

The Uffington Horse, in Oxfordshire was the site of the first meeting of the founders of Heritage Action, which led to the eventual creation of the Heritage Journal, published continuously since 2006. Although the figure is thought to date to the Iron Age or even the Bronze Age, like many other chalk hill figures the […]

The Uffington Jockey – a comment

Without wishing to provide even more publicity to a certain Irish betting company which we refuse to name, we can’t let the occasion of yet another heritage site defacement pass without some sort of comment. The known facts would appear to be that a group visited the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire under cover of […]

Uffington Horse may be dog

See original story here

Uffington White Horse defaced!

“Vandals have targeted the ancient Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire by spraying part of it purple.” ¬† More here – See also –

Uffington White Horse to be groomed

Scouring is so not on these days… ¬† The Uffington White Horse, symbolic image of the Bronze Age, a totemic emblem of another age, is being cleaned up this Bank Holiday, a ‘magical horse’ forever in full flight across the downs, with his ‘manger’ in the valley below; this annual cleaning has been going on […]

Meet the Antiquarists: Jane Tomlinson

Jane is an artist, whose earlier works included many watercolours of ancient sites. She is a founder member of Heritage Action, and the partner of Moth, one of our previous respondents. They met at the inaugural meeting of Heritage Action at Uffington White Horse in 2004. Jane has provided the following responses to our standard […]

2020 – A Year in Review: Pt 1

As most people would agree, 2020 has been a hell of a year! With lockdown effectively cancelling all our planned spring, summer and autumn field trips, we make no excuse for handing the vast majority of the Heritage Journal entries over to the most important story of the year;¬† the ongoing saga of the Stonehenge […]

Our 16th birthday!

It’s 16 years since, at the suggestion of our much-missed friend Rebecca van der Putt, a diverse group of ordinary people interested in prehistoric sites met at an extraordinary place for a picnic. From that first meeting grew Heritage Action which subsequently morphed into The Heritage Journal which aims to promote awareness and therefore the […]

It’s our 15th birthday! So we thought we’d celebrate with some plain speaking about Stonehenge

We were formed on 26 July 2003 (at The Uffington White Horse) …..   Since then we’ve featured many hundreds of threatened sites but we felt there was just one we ought to cover on our birthday – Stonehenge. Maybe you’re confused by differing accounts of the short tunnel. But actually it’s very simple, there […]