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Two more visual fibbers at Stonehenge

We make that SEVEN bodies that have now done it. What’s going on? .

Yet ANOTHER visual fib at Stonehenge!

English Heritage has done it. So have Historic England, The National Trust, and Highways England. They’ve all put their names to outdated or misleading images suggesting the stones are far closer to the traffic than is honest. Now (last Friday) Highways England’s best mate, the New Civil Engineer, has done it with an image that […]

Some in the tunnel lobby deny any visual fibs. Well ….

.. We have received this comment:   paulintheswim It is now blatantly obvious that English Heritage, Historic England, and the National Trust’s photo on the left is dishonest, and the photo on the right is one that an honest person would take. As Heritage Journal said yesterday, it has been taken “from far away with […]

Stonehenge: exposing the road lobby’s visual fibs

In order to help the Government’s plans, Highways England and their allies such as English Heritage have been busy telling the public the stones are completely blighted by traffic. Well, the road is there alright, and it carries traffic, but to say Stonehenge is somehow ruined is nonsense.   . . Here’s a much more […]

Highways England deploys trigger words at Stonehenge

Highways England’s gloriously named Derek Parody has just used four powerful trigger words to convince the public that the Stonehenge World Heritage landscape is safe: “The World Heritage Site around Stonehenge is a heritage site of national and international importance. We want to ensure that archaeological remains are preserved and recorded, in advance of scheme […]

2014 Review of the Year, Part the Last

by Alan S Our Review of the Heritage Journal Year concludes with a look at some of our stories from the final part of the year. September We continued our campaign of highlighting scheduling discrepancies in Wales, starting with Traeth Bach, then Mynydd Illtyd,  before returning to Bancbryn once again. Some better news from Wales involved […]