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Cornwall: West Penwith Wanderings (Part 3)

We left Part 2 of this walk which covered some of the Boskednan Downs monuments as we were approaching the Ding Dong mine enginehouse, a landmark easily visible from many parts of West Penwith. Ding Dong Mine Tin mining has gone on in Cornwall for millennia, and Ding Dong is said to lie on the […]

Cornwall: West Penwith Wanderings (Part 2)

Part 1 of this walk around Boskednan Downs covered the monuments of Men-an-Tol and Maen Scryfa and the views toward Carn Galver, and concluded at the converging pathways at the NE end of the Maen Scryfa field. At the end of the field, continue east past a derelict farm building to where several tracks meet. […]

Cornwall: West Penwith Wanderings (Part 1)

If you ever find yourself in West Penwith (Cornwall) with 3 hours or so to spare, this walk should satisfy the Megalithic cravings of most people as it takes in half a dozen or more sites of different types. The walk will take a minimum of 2.5 hours, much longer if you dally at the […]

Focus on: Cornish Stone Circles – Boskednan

Known as the Nine Maidens of Boskednan, this circle has been featured previously on the Journal – see parts 1 and 2 of West Penwith Wanderings for details of how to access the circle – and is included here in this series for completeness. The circle at Boskednan today is not as it originally was. […]

The Pipers – Cornwall’s tallest menhirs

The Pipers are two stones in adjoining fields, just south of Boleigh Farm in West Penwith, Cornwall. They are considered as ‘outliers’ for the Merry Maidens circle, associated by the ‘standard’ legend of dancers and musicians petrified for dancing on the Sabbath. First recorded by William Hals (1655-1737) as “two admirable great stones in perpendicular […]

Damage and Desecration: More education needed?

A guest post by Alan S. Desecration is a powerful word. The Oxford Dictionary suggests two main meanings of the verb ‘to desecrate’ – to treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect, or to spoil (something which is valued or respected). Imagine the scene: You visit a world-class, fragile, prehistoric monument after a […]

Cornish Summer Heritage Treats

Prehistoric Heritage lovers visiting Cornwall this summer have some wonderful treats to look forward to. Of course, there are the copious sites to visit, from the West Penwith peninsula, across the Lizard and on to the delights of Bodmin Moor further east. But the area’s museums also have something special to serve up this summer too. The Penlee Gallery, Penzance Situated in […]