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Which Stonehenge tunnel is English Heritage “continuing to argue for”?

EH Chief Executive Simon Thurley has just been quoted as saying English Heritage will continue to argue for the tunnel, “with all our strength”. But WHICH tunnel does he mean? If it’s the long one then fine. . But does he mean the “Short Tunnel” – the damaging one that EH supported for many years […]

Ex Transport Secretary on Stonehenge tunnel scheme: “Just cancel it”

. Andrew Adonis has tweeted:. “I cancelled Stonehenge tunnel as Transport Secretary a decade ago, it was such a waste of money at £300m. Now it is being prosecuted by Cummings at £1.7bn, despite huge concern from archaeologists & transport experts. Just cancel it. Invest in local rail in the south-west instead.” . Which inspired […]

Another massive voice speaks out against the Stonehenge tunnel:

Not just a host of top archaeologists, not just ICOMOS, not just UNESCO, not just the National Audit office, not just the AA, not just a host of Environmental and Archaeology organisations, not just The Transport Action Network but now Chris Stark, the head of the Committee on Climate Change, (an independent body formed under […]

Stonehenge short tunnel COULD go ahead on the basis of two fundamental lies

“Officials have promised the project will avoid important archaeological sites and will not spoil the view of the setting sun from Stonehenge during the winter solstice.” . 1.  And who defines “important“? It’s Highways England’s PR department who have repeatedly proved themselves unreliable witnesses, determined to deliver the tunnel, not the truth, at all costs. […]

Eight drivers to blame for the #Stonehenge tunnel!

Last week, the Salisbury Journal offered proof you can make statistics say anything you want them to say. In a somewhat sensationalist article, ‘Stonehenge found to be one of the top landmarks for causing road accidents‘, which bemoans the phenomenon of ‘rubber-necking’, it is stated that: SCORES of drivers have crashed their vehicles while eagerly […]

Stonehenge Tunnel Scheme: YOU decide if this is a scandal!

Highways England is campaigning for the short tunnel, but did you know its shares are all owned by the Secretary of State for Transport, the person who will make the final decision? It means he’s judge, jury, and advocate! To which you can add sneaky: here’s the pro-tunnel campaigning advice Highways England has been spreading […]

Shock horror: Stonehenge tunnel set to be not worth it!

So says the National Audit Office : “In pure economic terms, because of the high cost of building a tunnel, the Amesbury to Berwick Down project, at £1.15 of quantified benefit for every £1 spent, has a significantly lower benefit-cost ratio than is usual in road schemes. Given our experience of cost increases on projects […]

3 signs the Stonehenge tunnel may not happen!

While our conservation bodies are pretending that massive new damage is a net gain and that UNESCO’s opposition can be ignored, it’s possible that lack of government finance will thwart them again: 1.) As early as July 2017 the Infrastructure and Projects Authority gave the project a red rating (meaning without urgent action it may […]

The short Stonehenge tunnel: let’s not forget WHY it’s so short!

At this time when there’s a supplementary public consultation about minor changes to a plan which still flouts UNESCO’s concerns, it’s worth recalling that this all started with David Cameron not looking to enhance Stonehenge but to get votes – which meant the tunnel had to be short because short means cheap. . That reality […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy 31, 32 and 33: pretending the tunnel is long enough

See here (we’ve highlighted the relevant bits below in red). When reading them keep in mind UNESCO has stated very clearly that the tunnel is too short so would do more harm than good! Derek Parody, project director for Highways England, said: “We were grateful to the representatives from UNESCO/ICOMOS who took time to be […]