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Stonehenge: yowling moggy No. 42 and a wonky satnav

For years and years, we’ve been saying it (search yowling moggy): the pro-tunnel lobby keeps twisting reality and here’s the latest example: two images of different sections of the A303 carefully selected in time and space to suggest congestion is worse and more frequent than it is. So frankly, a visual fib. . . But […]

Yowling moggy No. 41: hiding Stonehenge is a safety measure!

Things will be much “safer” thanks to the Stonehenge tunnel says Mr. Parody of Highways England! It’s not the first time they’ve made that claim … But if you look at their source for that claim, 2017-2018, the picture is very different … It shows there were only 8 accidents (7 of them “minor”) […]

A 40th yowling moggy: “the Stonehenge tunnel will boost the SW economy”! No!

18/01/2021 in Metal detecting (Edit) People in Devon and Cornwall are being told the Stonehenge tunnel will boost the South West economy. It’s a lie, the 40th Yowling Moggy (the sound made when the truth is being tortured. Here are the other 39.) It’s easily demonstrated. According to the Highways England Technical Appraisal Report, when […]

Yowling moggy No. 39: why the Stonehenge tunnel is so short!

Ever wondered why they don’t make the tunnel longer than 2.9 km and save all this argument? Well, Highways England implies it’s because “2.9 km is the maximum length a tunnel can have before it becomes necessary to install ventilation shafts along its length.” So not money then! It’s because a longer tunnel would mean […]

Stonehenge yowling moggy Nos 37 & 38!

More truth being tortured. See the Telegraph: “Now the Stonehenge tunnel has the green light, here are Britain’s worst traffic bottlenecks.” First, the tunnel doesn’t have the green light (unless friend-of-the-government Telegraph has been told otherwise.) Second, that headline implies Stonehenge is Britain’s worst bottleneck, which is a lie. There are hundreds of bottleneck areas […]

Yowling Moggy No 36: take a bow Highways England’s PR Department!

Their latest latest is bizarre: “We’ve already conducted surveys over the past couple of years which has helped us draw up the preliminary design of the scheme.“ Really? But surely if you’d truly attempted to minimise damage helped by the surveys the new roads would either have been planned to follow the existing one or to […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy No 35: the archaeology that will be lost is “a bit on the dull side”!

The previous 34 yowling moggies (i.e. the sound of truth being tortured) show the pro-tunnel agencies bending reality to justify inflicting massive new damage on the Stonehenge landscape against UNESCO’s wishes. Mr Hunter of Highways England has outdone them all, telling the world: “What we have shown, what archaeological remains there are, are nothing that […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy No 34 (courtesy Chris Grayling!)

For some time we’ve likened the distortions of the pro-short tunnel lobby to the sound of “yowling moggies” (see them all here). Now it’s clear there was a 34th one dropped into the press over three years ago: “In an email, seen by the BBC, Highways England suggests a southern bypass route would be “considered” […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy 31, 32 and 33: pretending the tunnel is long enough

See here (we’ve highlighted the relevant bits below in red). When reading them keep in mind UNESCO has stated very clearly that the tunnel is too short so would do more harm than good! Derek Parody, project director for Highways England, said: “We were grateful to the representatives from UNESCO/ICOMOS who took time to be […]

Yowling Moggy No. 30 – “a green bridge” will “help the road disappear into the landscape”!

Highways England has released an artists impression of a proposed ‘green bridge’ at Stonehenge “which it is hoped will help the road disappear into the landscape”. Sounds mindbendingly unlikely, but very nice. It would certainly look very good – something like this: . . Ah, but wait a minute. If, as you walk across it, […]