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Yowling Moggy No 36: take a bow Highways England’s PR Department!

Their latest latest is bizarre: “We’ve already conducted surveys over the past couple of years which has helped us draw up the preliminary design of the scheme.“ Really? But surely if you’d truly attempted to minimise damage helped by the surveys the new roads would either have been planned to follow the existing one or to […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy No 35: the archaeology that will be lost is “a bit on the dull side”!

The previous 34 yowling moggies (i.e. the sound of truth being tortured) show the pro-tunnel agencies bending reality to justify inflicting massive new damage on the Stonehenge landscape against UNESCO’s wishes. Mr Hunter of Highways England has outdone them all, telling the world: “What we have shown, what archaeological remains there are, are nothing that […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy No 34 (courtesy Chris Grayling!)

For some time we’ve likened the distortions of the pro-short tunnel lobby to the sound of “yowling moggies” (see them all here). Now it’s clear there was a 34th one dropped into the press over three years ago: “In an email, seen by the BBC, Highways England suggests a southern bypass route would be “considered” […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy 31, 32 and 33: pretending the tunnel is long enough

See here (we’ve highlighted the relevant bits below in red). When reading them keep in mind UNESCO has stated very clearly that the tunnel is too short so would do more harm than good! Derek Parody, project director for Highways England, said: “We were grateful to the representatives from UNESCO/ICOMOS who took time to be […]

Yowling Moggy No. 30 – “a green bridge” will “help the road disappear into the landscape”!

Highways England has released an artists impression of a proposed ‘green bridge’ at Stonehenge “which it is hoped will help the road disappear into the landscape”. Sounds mindbendingly unlikely, but very nice. It would certainly look very good – something like this: . . Ah, but wait a minute. If, as you walk across it, […]

Stonehenge Yowling Moggy No. 29 : the Consultation that dare not speak its name!

Larkhill, yesterday …. . ….. but about what ???

Stonehenge: Yowling moggy No 28 – and it’s utterly blatant!

. Actually – there was one small A frame on the steps of Soc. Ant. stating the exhibition was on – unfortunately we were blocking it with our banners! A HE employee did come and move it off the steps at around 2 pm and placed it about 1 m away from the steps – […]

Yowling Moggy 27: it wasn’t really a map, honest!

Number 27 comprises Highways England publishing a plan showing Blick Mead in the wrong place and then explaining the mistake by saying “The document in question is a land ownership boundary plan. The plan shows indicative general features and was never intended as a geographical map.’ Well, we’d perhaps be more inclined to believe them […]

Stonehenge: Yowling Moggy No 26!

You may recall we previously featured a series of Stonehenge yowling moggies (we got up to 25, you can see them here ) You might ask what IS a yowling moggy. Well, it’s our polite way of describing the cacophany of distorted information being provided by The Establishment and others attempting to pull the wool […]

The 25th yowling moggy: Tunnel lobby out-dirty tricks Highways England!

Now (by sheer chance you understand) English Heritage is celebrating archive footage (courtesy of Heritage England) titled “A hundred years of change” showing how bad things were in the landscape years ago and ending with the words “As debate over the tunnel continues, the landscape will continue to  change”….. The subtext, surely, is “look, […]