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A reconstruction of the Neolithic era Meare Heath Bow recovered from the Somerset levels has indicated that it would have been accurate up to 100 yards, could silently kill a deer at 50 metres in just over a second and could shoot arrows 9 metres per second faster than medieval longbows of similar poundage.

Not bad for “howling barbarians” Prof Atkinson!

Crop circle close to Avebury

Reports are coming in of alien sightings at Avebury in Wiltshire, England. Coincidentally, the National Trust at Avebury and Wiltshire Council have been approached by a crop circle enthusiast for permission to open a shop in the Coach House on Avebury High Street (the Coach House is the building which also houses the public conveniences and which is situated next to the Red Lion pub). A formal planning application for development was submitted to Wiltshire Council on the 18 March 2010.

Heritage Action wonders if this is not further evidence of an ‘open door’ policy for ‘alien’ incursions into the Avebury World Heritage Site; incursions which have also seen the recent building of new houses a stone’s throw from the north-east bank of the Henge. Does Avebury really need a third shop selling items the same or very similar to those already on sale at the Hengeshop and the National Trust shop, or is this a backdoor ploy to make the site available for a different sort of outlet in the future.

Interested parties can view the planning application here on the Planning department website.

We recently wrote about the restoration of a Scottish crannog at Kenmore, over the weekend experts at the Kenmore Centre showed people the practical skills needed for the ancient craftwork  of surviving in the Iron Age.

VISITORS to the Scottish Crannog Centre were given an insight into Scotland’s ancient crafts at the weekend. The centre at Kenmore, Perthshire, hosted a two-day series of displays and demonstrations showcasing traditional Scottish skills.


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