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So where (and when) was this remarkable image captured?




We’re getting quite a few entries for this competition. Many thanks to everyone that has entered. We’ll leave it open for another week, until Feb 15th and announce a winner soon after that.

Inspired by English Heritage’s New Dawn Competition in which people were given silhouettes of Stonehenge to place in front of photographs we thought it would be interesting if Silbury Hill could be used in the same way.

So here’s the basic image ….

Sil basic

and here’s our attempt to “relocate” the Hill …

Sil seaside

No doubt you can do better. Please send us your own ideas. (There’s a small prize for the best – or funniest!)

The Oswestrians

And when we are old we can tell people we remember all this when it was fields….

[ Image Credit: Huw Davies ]


For the information of those children:
The up-to-date position is that the Town Councillors (who won’t be around when you are old) have given a bit of ground but, in the words of yesterday’s  press release from Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort …

“Although it is objecting to houses on Oldport Farm (OSW003) in their current form, the Council is not demanding they are removed, and is accepting the largest parcel of houses off Whittington Road (OSW004) unopposed. But in response to HOOOH’s objections, the Council has added a binding condition requesting that Shropshire Council follows ‘due diligence to ensure that the heritage assessment [is] compliant with NPPF [National Planning Policy Framework] through an independent evaluation.”

So not exactly a message to the future which says “we did our utmost to protect the setting for you”……


One of hundreds of paintings by Heritage Action Founder Member Jane Tomlinson who will be holding another exhibition of her work this weekend at her home in Eynsham near Oxford and at other venues in the village.

Details here  and more on her website. You can also follow Jane on Twitter.  (The above painting is now sold but if you like owls or ancient sites she has  lots of both and much else.)

Although many would consider it a little early for such things, this year in the run-up to Yule we thought we’d try something a little different here on the Heritage Journal. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with the idea of getting our readers involved in creating a Prehistoric Heritage Advent Calendar.

And that’s where you come in. Whilst we already have a  large collection of photos between us here, many of the shots suitable for this time of year have already been used in the past on the Heritage Journal, and it would be nice to see others’ efforts for a change. So, if you have a suitably wintry/seasonal photo depicting a prehistoric heritage site that we could use, please send it through to us at either of the email addresses on our Contacts page.

The photo could be of a site, feature, excavation, artefact or something a bit more ‘creative’, as long as it’s suitably wintry or ‘seasonal’ and fits with the ‘prehistoric heritage’ theme.

Whilst we can’t/won’t pay for contributions, in the spirit of the season all photographs used as part of the series will be considered for the award of a small token of thanks, All works submitted must be your own, and we claim no rights, other than to use the photo in this year’s Advent series, with suitable attribution. There’s a deadline of 30th November for entries, so dig through your digital archives and let’s showcase the prehistoric heritage we have here in the British Isles!


Those who care for Ireland’s heritage should look at Ken Williams’  picture here

It’s an absolute stunner (as usual for Ken), but makes you want to cry…

You can see more of Ken’s amazing work on his Shadows and Stone website.

This week there have been lots of images of the Uffington White Horse in a desecrated state thanks to a certain insensitive firm of bookmakers so we thought we’d show this view from it rather than of it by Heritage Action member Jane Tomlinson.

View from White Horse Hill (C) Jane Tomlinson

We’re particularly fond of that spot as it was where many of the Heritage Action founder members first met up. The monument and it’s surroundings are not a place for cheapening in our view or that of countless others. Let’s hope the National Trust takes steps to make it much clearer in future than they have in the past that they absolutely agree.

You can see more of Jane’s work here. Her annual exhibition as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks this year is on 5, 6, 12 and 13 May 2012.

Tomnaverie Stone Circle, Aberdeenshire by Nicki MacRae
© Nicky MacRae

Artist Nicki MacRae has just launched her 2012 Ancient Places calendar which celebrates the last 18 months of her travels visiting and painting the stone circles, standing stones and other prehistoric remains of the UK. Each calendar contains 15 glossy full colour images showing a selection of sites in Wiltshire, Argyll, Aberdeenshire, Orkney, Mull and the Highlands.

Further details here

Crickley Hill Camp from Birdlip
Image credit Heritage Action (but you’re welcome to it)


The year might age, and cloudy
  The lessening day might close,
But air of other summers
  Breathed from beyond the snows,
  And I had hope of those.

From When summer’s end is nighing by A E Housman.


Carn Meini (middle distance, right of treeline) the possible source of the Stonehenge Bluestones
Photo taken from Foel Drygarn at the end of the Preseli range of mountains
Image credit and © Littlestone


March 2023

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