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In defence of geophysics You never know what’s going to catch journalists’ imagination – no matter how hard you try to direct attention to the stories you’d like them to publicise. The new British Archaeology, which hit the shops on Friday, features the Crosby Garrett Roman helmet on the cover. And inside is a great piece on the find, with new information and new photos – and much else besides. But it is a footnote to a reader’s letter that became a story in today’s Mail … Read More

Slightly sceptical with the ‘new’ henge discovery at Stonehenge, Mike Pitts’ blog examines the evidence…

Analysing the new site near Stonehenge There have been two really interesting discoveries in the Stonehenge area over the past few weeks. One is at Marden, the great henge earthwork in the Vale of Pewsey near the source of the river Avon. I’ll write about that in my next post, but first I’d like to add a few words to the extensive media coverage of the geophysics survey that, according to National Geographic, revealed Stonehenge’s “long-lost twin” close by (otherwise identified as Sto … Read More

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Latest opinion from Mike Pitts on the news that the Visitor Centre is axed !

Why axe Stonehenge Visitor Centre? What is this about? After all these years of well-intentioned plans to improve Stonehenge for everyone (nearly a century if you follow it back), a popular, effective and cheap solution has been scrapped by the government in its first round of project savings. According to the BBC, the chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander told MPs today that the government has cancelled 12 projects totalling £2bn “agreed to by the previous Labour govern … Read More

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Stonehenge always provides fascinating news. Mike Pitts, the editor of British Archaeology magazine, writes at length about the ongoing history/theories of Stonehenge.

A really new stage in Stonehenge history? I went to the annual meeting of the Stonehenge Riverside Project in English Heritage’s Bristol offices last week, and very interesting it was. The SRP is behind much of the fieldwork that has taken place in the Stonehenge world heritage site over the past few years: that includes the work at Durrington Walls (including the neolithic “village”), the discovery of “Bluestonehenge”, the excavation of the Aubrey Hole containing the reburied human cremations… Read More

via Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

A place to stay in France with some old stones!

If you’ve followed any of these recent posts and pages then you’ll know that we are happily situated in the midst of a lot of old stones in the south of France. And while I’m a relatively recent arrival to the online community of stone-seekers, we (Mary & I) are old hands at the holiday business. We’ve been running an open house for all sorts of courses and speciality weeks for six years now: yoga teachers from the UK come with their groups a… Read More

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