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The Staffordshire Hoard: no, we won’t desist or be dismissed as ill-informed….

A story is going round that it’s only we who are concerned that not all of the Staffordshire hoard was recovered. It’s not and never has been. See the remarks of the proprietor of the local Brownhills Blog in 2012: “Hmm. You’ve just bagged one of the greatest historical finds in decades – possibly […]

Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field

If you or your organisation intend to carry out periodic inspections in response to our recent plea here, especially when it is ploughed, please keep us informed of your intentions and any evidence (with photographs ) at BTW, please don’t encroach onto the land (the site is easily visible without doing so).  Many thanks. […]

A plea for protection of the remaining Staffordshire Hoard by People Power!

By Nigel Swift Recently I revisited the Staffordshire Hoard field. I could see nothing untoward as it was still in crop and any digging would be concealed. Soon however it will be ploughed and that’s when any new nighthawking activities will be obvious (footsteps and holes). I now live a long way from there and […]

The “Firefly Stealth Device”: another nighthawking aid ideal for use on the Staffordshire Hoard field?

As we recently pointed out, for many years nighthawks have had at their disposal far deeper-seeking machines than were used by the original finder or during the two subsequent archaeologist-organised searches. The implications are clear. But we’ve heard not a word from officialdom (even though in 2012 they wrote asking us to keep them informed). […]

A simple question about the Staffordshire hoard

“Security” at the Staffordshire Hoard site?!

Following our recent complaint that the Staffordshire Hoard is still being looted, someone has pointed out “there’s security there so don’t distort the truth”. Well, we know about the “security” and photographed this single notice 6 years ago: . It post dated our revelation that nighthawking was going on and simply said: “this site is […]

How much of the Staffordshire Hoard has been stolen?

By Nigel Swift The more I hear the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the discovery of The Staffordshire Hoard the angrier it makes me as I’m convinced some of it is still in that Hammerwich field or has been stolen at night by scruffs. And I have proof – or at least, evidence infinitely […]

Enhanced technology leaves remaining Staffordshire Hoard even more open to theft.

6 years ago today we highlighted that “Minelab has just launched the GPX5000….it can easily find small objects at 24 inches” whereas a farming forum survey showed 80% of farmers plough no lower than 9 inches. So people with GPXs could now detect small objects 15 inches below most ploughsoil. But now things have got […]

Staffordshire Hoard under-researched?

Quite a thought isn’t it? The greatest hoard for decades has yielded less knowledge than it should have. Yet who can deny it? Two things suggest it’s true. First there’s this (courtesy of Paul Barford)…. . . If only a way could have been found to give the farmer and finder a million or two […]

Nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field: UPDATE

We’ve just added this update to last week’s article, “Staffordshire Joke“: *************************************************************** UPDATE 14 September 2013 It is noteworthy that it isn’t just The Establishment that has maintained a profound silence about ongoing nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field, it is detectorists – who have said not a single public word about it. Until today, […]