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What’s more, did Highways England massage the Stonehenge figures?

As already announced by the National Audit Office, the project will deliver “£1.15 of quantified benefit for every £1 spent”, which is “a significantly lower benefit-cost ratio than is usual in road schemes” and in their experience “this ratio could move to an even lower or negative value.” You might think that’s bad enough but […]

The impending hijack of the Stonehenge landscape in defiance of the best advice.

It’s a plain fact: 21 top archaeologists have announced they are opposed to the short tunnel yet Highways England is ignoring them and says: “We are working closely with key organisations within the World Heritage site, and we continue to find the best solution possible to improve journeys for drivers while also protecting Stonehenge.” But […]

Stonehenge: the “short tunnel” is back.

Regular readers will know that for years we’ve been worrying that the Government will impose a cheap short tunnel (with damaging cuttings at each end) on the Stonehenge World Heritage Site – and thus go back to the solution opposed by almost every archaeological and heritage organisation but cancelled only because of the credit crunch. […]

The case for making Stonehenge bigger

Now that millions of pounds worth of new infrastructure is in place at Stonehenge is it time to consider if the way it is used should be expanded? It’s going to remain a mass tick-box for the world’s tourists of course, plus it will host Solstice and Equinox gatherings, but is that it? Shouldn’t it […]

Why extended open access at Stonehenge won’t happen

The argument over Stonehenge solstice access seems endless. As one campaigner recently wrote: “It is so upsetting watching EH repeat themselves over & over again rejecting sound ideas , My opinion of them won’t change until they actually move forward on the access issues”. For “moving forward on access issues” we can perhaps read “give […]

To the people of Amesbury: about Stonehenge

There have been calls for the Stonehenge summer solstice celebrations to be extended in both length and scope. The views of Amesbury Chamber of Commerce have been sought so we thought we’d express our own opinion. In principle we think it’s a great idea and it fits with some of our suggestions on how Stonehenge […]

Mystic Meg to be given advisory role at Stonehenge?

You’d think finding when Solstice occurs is simple. You just tweet Prof Brian Cox or NASA. Job done. So it’s a surprise to read an official of the “Open Access to Stonehenge” group saying “As for how our access date is worked out from what I can gather, is a combination of factors:- Astrological time […]

Stonehenge: This year’s lantern procession details

Last year saw a lantern procession at Stonehenge, “the first for centuries”  and we reported on what was a highly successful event.  We’re big fans as it seems such a respectful use of the monument and we included it in our series New Ways Stonehenge could be used. At the time we expressed the hope […]

Stonehenge Released?

Stonehenge will soon be released from its fences and clutter and re-united with its landscape. So might it be time to release it from its perceptual limits as well? It’s one of the world’s most iconic gathering places yet is barely used or known for gatherings other than for solstice and equinox. What about the […]

Clonehenge: “I kept thinking, a theoretical child who decides to do a report on Stonehenge replicas would count on me to have them all”

It’s three years since we featured Clonehenge, the website about replica Stonehenges – see our article here. Since then the site has gone from strength to strength so we asked its founder, American Nancy Wisser to fill us in with a few details. She did better than that. Here is Part 1 of her fascinating […]