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Caerau Hillfort: Part 1 – Over the Garden Fence

By Sue Brooke. Sue is our newest member and has joined us as Diary Editor and Feature Writer. [NB All images are the author’s own] Introduction I was brought up in the Caerau area. I went to school here and brought my children up here. As a kid I used the Caerau Hillfort area many […]

Caerau under threat – Mrs Angry Writes

Sue Brooke updates us on the latest threat to Caerau hillfort in Cardiff. This story was originally published on her own website.  Well, here I am again. Mrs Angry from Caerau has raised her ugly head once more. Over the last nine years or so I have bored everyone close to me to distraction about that […]

Caerau: Come and join the excavations!

Heritage Action member Sue Brooke has been peeking over the garden fence again, and gives us this update on the Caerau Hillfort excavations in Cardiff. Well the leaflet dropped through the door about two weeks ago. At the end of last week the local community magazine arrived, both with the invitation to ‘come and join […]

Oswestry: Outcry at Historic England U-turn

The latest Press Release from the Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort campaigners: – Historic England deals late blow to community’s 8-year fight to save the setting of one of Britain’s outstanding Iron Age hillforts from housing development – Campaigners are up in arms at news that Historic England has relaxed its concerns over development in […]

2013 HA Review of the Year: Part 1

In attempting to establish something of a December tradition here on the Heritage Journal, we once again take a look back at the past year. Once again, the year has had it’s ebbs and flows in what has been a very bad year generally for the heritage sector, with budget cuts very much the order […]

Inside the Mind of… Oliver Davis

As mentioned in our recent article catching up on events in Caerau since Time Team left, Sue Brooke recently took the opportunity to speak with Dr. Oliver (Olly) Davis, who kindly agreed to take part in our Inside the Mind series. Brief Bio: Olly’s credentials include a BA in Archaelogy, an MA in British Prehistory and […]

Dates for your Diary – March 2013

Compiled by Sue Brooke The following events will be taking place next month, why not add one or two to your diary and join in the fun? 1st and 2nd March 2013 – LONDON – Current Archaeology Live – Two Day Conference. Over two days this conference will cover a wide range of subjects, from […]

Review of the Year 2015: Part 2

by Alan S. We continue our review of 2015, looking back through the Spring and Summer months. May A month of change with the split of English Heritage, and a new Chief Executive about to take the reins, a new Culture Secretary who seemed to have a grasp on things. And a recent Historic Environment (Wales) Bill. […]

Inside the Mind of… Niall Sharples

It’s been a while, but Sue Brooke has once again managed to get a response from one of the prinicpals on the Caerau dig. In a departure from our usual email response format, Sue actually managed to sit down with Niall Sharples for a chat at Caerau. Here’s her report… Over the last 8 days […]

2013 HA Review of the Year: Part 2

We continue our look at the past year here on the Heritage Journal, highlighting some of the stories we’ve covered. May We started the month examining the looming crisis of storage of archaeological finds,  and some of the less pleasant aspects of being a Finds Liaison Officer. On a lighter note, we exposed some of […]