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The Stonehenge tunnel: dispelling public cynicism about the role of English Heritage

The fact English Heritage will gain a massively lucrative near-monopoly on viewing Stonehenge the day the A303 is put underground has nothing to do with its support for the scheme. So say it’s supporters. In fact, some of them say the mere suggestion there’s a connection is disrespectful and down to the lack of understanding […]

Stonehenge tunnel: truth WILL out!

. In response to The Council for British Archaeology’s opposition, the leaders of English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust have offered a “vanilla” response which astonishingly omits any mention of UNESCO, the loss of the free view to millions, or the mere existence of Blick Mead and which dismisses the literally incalculable archaeological […]

The Stonehenge tunnel unspun!

There have been attempts to present the tunnel as a struggle between ill-informed amateurs and well-informed professionals. It is inaccurate. Indeed, we suspect most archaeologists not connected with the scheme, including those abroad, are dismayed by it. What is beyond denial is that the opposition of both UNESCO and the Government’s own planning executive was […]

The Stonehenge tunnel and the National Trust mystery.

The Stonehenge Alliance has just tweeted, not unreasonably: We expected the National Trust to agree with the Examiners that recommended Refusal because of cultural damage. And the answer from the Trust: We’ve a long-standing ambition to resolve the ongoing damage caused by the current A303 as it passes through the Stonehenge Landscape. So they want […]

The proposed name of the Stonehenge tunnel has been announced.

We understand that English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust are planning to release a joint statement: “We are delighted that the Government has rejected the recommendation of both UNESCO and its own Planning Inspectorate and has announced it will go ahead with the tunnel, as advocated by us. This is indeed a momentous […]

The Stonehenge tunnel in context

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Yowling moggy No. 39: why the Stonehenge tunnel is so short!

Ever wondered why they don’t make the tunnel longer than 2.9 km and save all this argument? Well, Highways England implies it’s because “2.9 km is the maximum length a tunnel can have before it becomes necessary to install ventilation shafts along its length.” So not money then! It’s because a longer tunnel would mean […]

Ex Transport Secretary on Stonehenge tunnel scheme: “Just cancel it”

. Andrew Adonis has tweeted:. “I cancelled Stonehenge tunnel as Transport Secretary a decade ago, it was such a waste of money at £300m. Now it is being prosecuted by Cummings at £1.7bn, despite huge concern from archaeologists & transport experts. Just cancel it. Invest in local rail in the south-west instead.” . Which inspired […]

The Stonehenge tunnel delay: officialdom speaks (partly through silence and partly through gobbledygook!)

The pro short tunnel archaeological bodies have been placed in a tricky position by this second delay. Do they now say they regret that the gouging of a dual carriageway across the World Heritage landscape against UNESCO’s wishes has been delayed? Their reactions so far suggest they don’t quite know what to say! . Highways […]

#Stonehenge tunnel: slowly, slowly cancel monkey?

The Stonehenge project is going to be put back by another year. Those who oppose massive new damage to the World Heritage landscape (and that includes UNESCO) will be gratified but they may have much more to celebrate: Although Transport Minister Shapps wants us to “build ourselves out of the crisis”, the delay may be […]