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Stonehenge: Yowling moggy No 28 – and it’s utterly blatant!

. Actually – there was one small A frame on the steps of Soc. Ant. stating the exhibition was on – unfortunately we were blocking it with our banners! A HE employee did come and move it off the steps at around 2 pm and placed it about 1 m away from the steps – […]

Yowling Moggy 27: it wasn’t really a map, honest!

Number 27 comprises Highways England publishing a plan showing Blick Mead in the wrong place and then explaining the mistake by saying “The document in question is a land ownership boundary plan. The plan shows indicative general features and was never intended as a geographical map.’ Well, we’d perhaps be more inclined to believe them […]

Stonehenge: Yowling Moggy No 26!

You may recall we previously featured a series of Stonehenge yowling moggies (we got up to 25, you can see them here ) You might ask what IS a yowling moggy. Well, it’s our polite way of describing the cacophany of distorted information being provided by The Establishment and others attempting to pull the wool […]

The 25th yowling moggy: Tunnel lobby out-dirty tricks Highways England!

Now (by sheer chance you understand) English Heritage is celebrating archive footage (courtesy of Heritage England) titled “A hundred years of change” showing how bad things were in the landscape years ago and ending with the words “As debate over the tunnel continues, the landscape will continue to  change”….. The subtext, surely, is “look, […]

A 22nd Yowling Moggy: tent pegs are more damaging than bulldozers!

On the subject of digging up the Stonehenge landscape (see yesterday), Friend of the Journal Jim Rayner has sent us this contribution to the ever-growing list: English Heritage & the National Trust will not allow as much as a tent peg to be hammered down into the ground near Stonehenge in case it ‘damages any sensitive archaeology’. Yet, they […]

The 21st yowling moggy: “it’s not a done deal”.

Relax. Highways England says it’s just “fact finding”! And anyway, there’s a Consultation going on, so nothing’s settled. Allegedly. Two things though: Does that really look like they haven’t decided exactly where to start, irrespective of any consultation? Seriously? And IS it a real Consultation? Rushed through in a couple of weeks following almost no […]

The 20th yowling moggy: the pretence that Britain’s conservation is superior to Trump’s Republicans

President Obama has just created the Bears Ears National Monument, Utah, granting federal protection under the Antiquities Act to the geological formations and 2,000 square miles of desert surrounding them. But sadly, Congress is bent on repealing every shred of Obama’s legacy and to open up public lands to development and drilling. Hence there’s no […]

The 19th Yowling Moggy: Government implies ICOMOS is OK with a short tunnel.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has resurrected the idea that the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and ICOMOS (International) mission to Stonehenge just over a year ago was relaxed about a short tunnel by saying: “None of the previous mission’s recommendations suggest that the WHS site status is at risk”.  A somewhat misleading assertion, for […]

An 18th yowling moggy: foreigners think our heritage management is excellent.

If this recent statement by Henry Owen-John (Head of International Advice at Historic England) is right, the World thinks Stonehenge is in very safe hands: “The UK is widely respected on the international stage for its long history of heritage protection and management and for the way in which its heritage assets are looked after. […]

A 17th yowling moggy: the parliamentary answer that said nothing and everything.

Why yowling moggy? Because a series of misrepresentations (17 so far) may suggest a concerted agenda. Baroness Jones just asked “whether Highways England plan to investigate using a tunnel which avoids visual and physical damage to the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site and its setting”. It was an easy question for the […]