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Cheers and Boos: US archaeos take the Mick, Philately celebrates megaliths, Glasgow Uni shines a light and some Snippets

                                      US archaeos take the Mick over Stonehenge It’s lucky the Stonehenge fence is soon to be removed. Look at this leaflet on a table at a recent archaeological outreach event in Texas. Who says Americans don’t do irony?! Philately celebrates megaliths Stamps have been issued to celebrate Jersey’s archaeological history. Five stamps have been […]

Stone Circle Competition: the Answers

Last month, we set our first ever prize competition: to name 12 stone circles in England from images taken from Google Earth. Unfortunately, no-one managed a full set of correct answers. So to put you all out of your misery, the correct answers are: Circle 1 – Boscawen-Un, Cornwall We thought the circular hedge and […]

Reclaiming Prehistory

A heartfelt plea from our member Tombo for “the myth of barbarism” to be lifted from our prehistory and for our ancient places to be given the care they deserve. ************************************************ Introduction The stone circle of Tomnaverie, in Aberdeenshire, is a powerful symbol of the unhappy situation facing Britain’s rich prehistoric heritage. The builders of this […]