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Metal detecting: more rip-off rallies.

Do Central Searchers hold unacceptable rallies? No question. Knowingly detecting where damage is caused, refusing  to take professional advice to desist and allowing participants to keep non-Treasure finds worth up to a massive £2,000 without sharing with the landowner (and leaving the detectorists alone to decide if things ARE worth £2,000!) Yet the Establishment won’t […]

What an outrageous cheek! Detectorists are discussing whether they should get PAS for free!

By Nigel Swift It seems a lot of British detectorists are unhappy at my accusation, yesterday, that they were maybe not as responsible as many of their European equivalents. Well, there’s a current forum discussion, PAS … Should we get it for FREE? which tends to support me as some of the participants are saying […]

Metal detecting: how many millions have landowners lost in this way?

A recent Twitter exchange serves as a warning to any landowner considering allowing metal detecting on his or her land: CONSERVATIONIST : “these are HIS artefacts, and he may well not be an expert so it’s simply not right that someone with a vested interest should be informing him of their value and significance. He […]

At least they didn’t take the horse!

If detecting rallies left visible scars they’d have been banned decades ago. But they don’t. Here’s one held just below the Hackpen White Horse in 2005. “Don’t worry, we all report everything to PAS” they told the elderly landowner, the late Lord Onslow. And here’s the site just this week … The horse is still […]

Metal detecting: laundering by find spot falsification? How come you haven’t heard about that?

Detectorists reckon the authorities know if reported find spots are false:  “If reported and not found legally then they’d find out pretty fast as they require landowner details and a grid reference of the findspot…”  It’s not true. PAS’s database is wide open to falsification and laundering by findspot description and the incentives to do […]

Metal detecting: the end of an era?

Long ago we were regularly berated by a previous PAS Director for not “getting on the train to Liaisonville”. Luckily, that sort of dialogue (together with “just give it another few years, things will get better”) has been dropped as reality hammers daily on the doors of the British Museum. But we have continued to […]

“Papal blessing” conferred on 27,000 detectorists returning after lockdown tomorrow!

The editor of Treasure Hunting Magazine, has issued a sort of papal blessing to detectorists returning from the lockdown tomorrow. So sad, but maybe this is the peak and soon measures will be taken. (He also swiped at the likes of us but frankly insults from the “Grabbers’ Gazette” don’t matter as we don’t grab […]

Saying what oughta be about mass metal detecting as a means to stop nighthawking

For many years detectorists have reacted to the crimes of their nighthawking colleagues (yes, colleagues: nighthawks couldn’t operate without sharing the forums, clubs, rallies, archaeological publications, FLOs, Treasure Registrars and auctions of all detectorists) by suggesting detectorists should be allowed to “clear” scheduled sites so there was nothing for criminals to find. This week, following […]

Now let’s go oiking in Moreton in Marsh!

It has been suggested to us that the two Lets Go Digging commercial metal detecting rallies cancelled yesterday and today and the replacement one in Moreton in Marsh happening right now aren’t damaging or unciivilised and are actually a glorious search for knowledge by worthy amateurs. As to that, citing the two recent announcements by […]

The sad story of the temporarily responsible landowner!

“Responsible metal detecting” produces 16,000 Google hits. But what about responsible farmers who say “NO, letting you hold a detecting rally here wouldn’t be in my interest or the country’s as PAS says it is almost impossible for archaeologists (when invited) to make a proper record of all objects found. That’s good enough for me. […]