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Eight drivers to blame for the #Stonehenge tunnel!

Last week, the Salisbury Journal offered proof you can make statistics say anything you want them to say. In a somewhat sensationalist article, ‘Stonehenge found to be one of the top landmarks for causing road accidents‘, which bemoans the phenomenon of ‘rubber-necking’, it is stated that: SCORES of drivers have crashed their vehicles while eagerly […]

Tempus Fugit: has the Stonehenge tunnel missed its moment?

The Transport Action Network has some hopeful news for those opposed to the damage: “Boris Johnson has reportedly instructed his Cabinet to cull large “legacy projects and told them that everything is on the table, including ‘sacred cows’ and ‘pet projects’.” Nothing fits that description better than the Stonehenge short tunnel, a vote-catcher proposed two […]

Stonehenge Tunnel Scheme: YOU decide if this is a scandal!

Highways England is campaigning for the short tunnel, but did you know its shares are all owned by the Secretary of State for Transport, the person who will make the final decision? It means he’s judge, jury, and advocate! To which you can add sneaky: here’s the pro-tunnel campaigning advice Highways England has been spreading […]

Stonehenge Tunnel: PM visits Wiltshire, sets own pants on fire

With the UK set to leave the European Union on the 31st October there was some doubt over organisations from abroad being able to do the work. But after a visit to Salisbury Plain yesterday afternoon the Prime Minister had a message for the locals: it wouldn’t make a difference to the companies interested, worldwide. […]

Stonehenge tunnel, burial place of principle

The Trust is supporting the removal of Turner’s iconic view of the stones from countless millions of travellers forever. They’ve never defended that loss, and can’t – for their central mantra is caring for special places forever, for everyone. . And their role hasn’t been just “supporting”: the Government says it has been “pivotal”. Yet […]

Shock horror: Stonehenge tunnel set to be not worth it!

So says the National Audit Office : “In pure economic terms, because of the high cost of building a tunnel, the Amesbury to Berwick Down project, at £1.15 of quantified benefit for every £1 spent, has a significantly lower benefit-cost ratio than is usual in road schemes. Given our experience of cost increases on projects […]

A warning to firms intending to tender for work on the Stonehenge tunnel.

First, the good news: If you damage a scheduled monument with a bulldozer English Heritage will ensure you’re punished (ask Mr Penny – he was fined and very nearly jailed for damaging the Priddy Circles), but if you get a contract to damage the Stonehenge World Heritage landscape with lots of bulldozers, they’ll say you’re […]

3 signs the Stonehenge tunnel may not happen!

While our conservation bodies are pretending that massive new damage is a net gain and that UNESCO’s opposition can be ignored, it’s possible that lack of government finance will thwart them again: 1.) As early as July 2017 the Infrastructure and Projects Authority gave the project a red rating (meaning without urgent action it may […]

Stonehenge tunnel: Damage to Blick Mead at Highways England’s behest

Last week, Highways England’s contractors drilled two boreholes directly into the most sensitive area of Blick Mead. These boreholes, installed for measuring water levels in relation to the A303 tunnel scheme, were excavated without anyone present from the Blick Mead team that over many years has painstakingly researched 100% of every bucket of material recovered […]

The short Stonehenge tunnel: let’s not forget WHY it’s so short!

At this time when there’s a supplementary public consultation about minor changes to a plan which still flouts UNESCO’s concerns, it’s worth recalling that this all started with David Cameron not looking to enhance Stonehenge but to get votes – which meant the tunnel had to be short because short means cheap. . That reality […]