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History Article – June 1st 1985

Of course we may mock the police in our previous article, but what should not be forgotten was the force of law and order that attacked young travellers,  men, women and children in a field eleven kilometres from Stonehenge  with such brutal consequences.  It was shocking as can be seen from this video of the time. 

Today, and over past years,  such a thing would  not happen at Stonehenge again. English Heritage, The National Trust and the police have given assurances that Stonehenge festivals will always be  handled in a peaceful and friendly manner.  But as a record of history, it is interesting to see the progress that has been made in the understanding of other belief systems.

“Exactly 24 years ago, in a field beside the A303 in Wiltshire, the might of Margaret Thatcher’s militarised police descended on a convoy of new age travellers, green activists, anti-nuclear protestors and free festival-goers, who were en route to Stonehenge in an attempt to establish the 12th annual Stonehenge free festival in fields across the road from Britain’s most famous ancient monument. That event has become known as the Battle of the Beanfield.”

Andy Worthington’s article  of  June 1st 1985 in the Guardian is a reminder of  our need to guard the  civil liberties of freedom in our own country and to protect those who are vulnerable when the power of the state is used against them.  


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