All our articles from 2005 onwards on unnecessary exploitation and damage to the buried archaeological resource for recreation or profit – presented as a foil to the shameless pro-detecting public noise from detectorists and PAS…


Metal detecting rallies: cui bono?

Rotary Clubs, the biggest source of lost information.

Treasure Payments to detectorists: testing the reality.

An archaeological site stripped bare. How clever.

A solution to the decline in UK bird numbers

They want to make metal detecting less stressful!

Sunday Reverie: In the bottom 10% of countries globally

Sunday Reverie: “Wee sleeket, cowrin, tim’rous beastie …”

The folly of analysing the tip of an iceberg

NE Lincs Council gets it!

Sunday reverie: “Coy bumbarrels, twenty in a drove

Sunday Reverie: What immortal hand or eye …

Praising metal detecting without doing so.

The crux of the problem with metal detecting.

Warning: motivation revealed!

Conservation just won’t work unless conservationists do it.

Anyone for telling the truth about metal detecting?

Treasure Act being widened – but will Diggy Darren be bothered?

Spot the archaeologist!

Why must you tar us all with the same brush?


The Staffordshire Irony, ten years on.

Any chance of less noisy metal detecting?

Moth Recording

Further losses from the Staffordshire Hoard

Eight years of blackmail threats

A new year but the same old metal detecting stolen valour.


A Review of “The Detectorists Christmas Special”

In defence of the Land of Lost Content

NCMD comes up with a fresh excuse

Outrageous in US and yet …

Lets put it in perspectiveRemember when Farmer Brown held a detecting rally

Dodgy metal detecting claims

Paying oodles to take away unshown

Damaging Christmas gifts for metal detectorists

A secret metal detecting rally today

Pitiful and damaging advice to farmers

Farmer Brown: a question unanswered since 2014

Has the scale of losses been misrepresented?

The Society of Antiquaries: what farmers should be told about metal detecting

The day no one turned up for a detecting rally

No respectful pause in metal detecting

Why no more TV programmes about detecting would make sense

Want to go metal detecting? Who can blame you?

Metal detercting good for mental health? No

Have police and press given up recruiting for detecting?

New TV detecting programme. Come off it.

New detecting programme previewed by a detectorist

A metal detectorist confesses

Local Authority metal detecting policy in shambles

Corfe Castle> what an ironic place for Festival of Archaeology

Butterfly decline: the role of citizen scientists contrasted with exploitation

Triphena Farmer Browns mum

Wonderful donation by detectorist

The old metal detecting fib at The Minions

How come questions can be asked in Oslo but not here?

Time the public was told Treasure Rewards are protection payments?

Guarding the land for the rest of us

How many Unconsciable abusive contracts exist in metal detecting?

Paying treasure rewards is a pointless waste of money. Shock horror.

There’s stolen heritage and then there’s stolen heritage

Proof that the Staffordshire Hoard can be easily stolen

British History hugely damaged by Venn diagram

Staffordshire Hoard: damn right.

Let’s ban the word nighthawking (the police agree)

Still happening: historicide, the erasure of history

Farmer Brown: detectorist claim farmers are uncultured fools

Official delays causing damag to heritage – detectorist

Making sure the public don’t know what they’re finding

A detecting rally just a mile from Salisbury Cathedral

Yet again the British Museum has caused overall damage to heritage.

The British Museum Baloney Factory

Detectival: a new low.

Detectorist: tell the farmer NOTHING.

Why no adequate outreach on detecting forums?

Metal Detecting: the Irish have some words for it.

For want of a ha’porth of tar the rest of the Staffordshire Hoard must stay buried

Wow! Metal detecting figures unspun

Farmer Brown and Sainsbury’s

Time for CBA to put right its damage

Which country trashes its heritage most?

The ubiquitous lie

Archaeologuists and police fail to tell the truth about detecting

The unheeded drum   57



A rival to the NCMD is being formed!

Still no warning to farmers about claims of “false valour”.

The metal detecting lie

Less praise for Wayne please, more for Kempsey.

10 yrs ago we challenged detectorists to PROVE they weren’t in it for the money.

A sad 20th anniversary for Britain’s heritage and reputation

The proposed Detecting Institute is “on its way”. But is it?

For just a few quid you too can search for the Staffordshire Hoard

British metal detecting in a global context

Looting on the cheap

A sad anniversary

Should detectorists get PAS for free?!

“The epitome of improbable luck”

Of course! We should license landowners not metal detectorists

Once and for all, licensing of detectorists won’t work

Very good news for metal detectorists?

Ireland: a refreshing lack of blather

National Council for Metal Detecting confesses at last!

One of the archaeological finds of the century

How many millions have landowners lost in this way?

Metal detecting: as promised yesterday

Two decades of untruths being told to landowners

At least they didn’t take the horse!

Bonkers Britain? Is this how the world sees us?

Education, education, education: is that really what metal detectorists need?

How come you never heard of laundering by find spot falsification?

Spring Detectival: 11 records only?

Did you know, metal detecting rallies are now lasting A WEEK!

Another case of fundraising in response to blackmail being painted to the public as “saving”.

What a difference24 hours make

Tick, tick, tick. The country that let it’s heritage be removed.

Wise words from a detectorist

British metal detecting through an Irish lens

Britain finally loses it

Glastonbury metal detecting crime

Farmer Brown: landowners, how about protecting Britain’s history from Britain’s negligence?

Makes you wonder …

Searcher Magazine runs feature on how to break the metal detecting code of practice!

Why would you keep quiet about the location of a rally?

What’s worse than losing hedehogs and dormice?

Farmer Brown: Joy over one sinner who repenteth (revisited)

Just Clear a Grannys

Detectival: Day 2

Right now, metal detecting is happening on THIRTY SEVEN fields near Henley

Durham Council voices the reality

Metal detecting: the end of an era?

Government “determined to protect”???

Archaeology no longer to be studied, just mined for money?

A tale of two British auctions

Guess which country doesn’t call “gathering at a secret location to dig up archaeology” looting?

Flawed metal detecting assurances: who benefits and who loses?

“Papal blessing” conferred on 27,000 detectorists.

Fact-blindness: the damage that exceeds nighthawking.

Saying what oughta be about mass metal detecting as a means to stop nighthawking

Detecting rallies to be licensed? Heaven forfend!

Back to Moreton in Marsh yet again

Large scale detecting rallies to be banned, surely?

Five porkies detectorists like to tell

Now let’s go oiking in Moreton in Marsh

The sad story of the temporarily responsible landowner

More on today’s pay-to-dig metal detecting rally

A very British tragedy: but who has noticed?

Time to cut the NCMD out of the loop?

Historicide: the erasure of History

A new reform: simple, sensible, equitable and very, very effective!

Farmer Brown: the visible difference between charity rallies and cons.

“People have a moral obligation to their heritage!” Duh!

Metal detecting in Portsmouth: better but inadequate.

Late-night metal detecting: if it walks like a duck …

Why the Government is profoundly wrong to allow detecting to restart so soon

Metal detecting “Institute”: a well-intentioned turkey?

Some perspectives on the scale of heritage loss

Big metal detecting digs “like organising theft parties”

Nine years on, EH, CBA and PAS still failing to protect landowners. Why?

Let’s get detectorist Mariusz Stepien to find the rest of the Staffordshire Hoard

What is going on in Bromsgrove?

CBA opposing cuts to archaeology while supporting more money for detectorists!

The Staffordshire Hoard: abandoned to crooks?

Metal detecting, pork chops and blood money

The BAJR Field Walking Guide: proof we’re getting nowhere.

The Long Man of Wilmington and a massive heritage damage cover-up

“Dane geld extra”: the reality of expanding the definition of “Treasure”

Four headlines and a truth

Anyone care? Britain on course for only 1 in 12 artefacts being recorded

Is this the time to further enrich moral pygmyism?

The admission that rallies are malign: 5 questions not answered in The Times

AT LAST! Britain condemns detecting rallies!

Metal detecting: this year the Treasure Act is to be amended, so …

Metal detecting: New Year, no change – in fact heartbreakingly worse.


Nighthawking: Four deliberate fibs found on Wikipedia

We Rosbifs can do better than that!

Metal Detecting: Well done Sir!

Confirmation that licensing of commercial rallies would be damaging

More Treasure rewards? Luverley!

Britain’s self harm deepens and no-one is doing anything about it

Guffaw, guffaw says a detectorist about Stonehenge

Farmer Brown: beware of untruths.

Petition to allow metal detecting to continue during lockdown

Heritage Journal supports actions by PAS

Squeezing every penny out of a pay-to-dig rally

Intelligent moral detectorist spotted

Another innocent community put at risk

Shropshire and Glos locals put at risk today by detecting rallies

Serrated spades

Heritage Journal Metal Detecting Club (2)

The Heritage Journal has launched a metal detecting Club!!

Metal detecting fib foiled at last.

Metal detecting and civilisation: a revealing silence from PAS

Right now in Wiltshire archaeology is being damaged

Detecting rallies feared to be health threat to locals.

NCMD warns members against reform!

Landowners misinformed

Govt locks down most metal detecting events but not rallies!

Britain now a world leader in conservation!

Good for you Mr Detectorist but why ask for money?

Bad news for heritage protection in UK?

Why deny laundering by findspot description happens?

Metal detectorists target Silbury Hill

Rotary Club detecting rally cancelled! Was it something we said?

Metal detecting rallies: “seedbeds of human generosity”!

Metal detecting and the VERY annoying portable antiquities scheme

Rotary clubs: enabling detecting rallies and causing heritage damage

German eBay protects Germany and damages Britain

PAS in public appeal for financial support!

The Self-written Highways Code Scam!

Two locations, 70,000 hours of metal detecting

A Conservation Competition

Angela Merkel’s wise words

We’ve miffed the PAS. Good!

PAS jubilates while wearing blinkers

That Big Question answered

Farmer Brown: a lollypop to anyone who can answer this.

Wayne from Wallasey’s first visit to Wilts

The metal detecting “engagement with landscape” fallacy.

Justice for landowners!

Farmer Brown: DON’T sign a finds agreement with a metal detectorist.

“Heritage Journal correct” implies PAS. Quietly.

A half-right letter in the Guardian.

A new set of stamps but no Crosby Garrett helmet

More failure to tell farmers

Government not properly briefed on detecting. Again.

PAS’s commitment to Archaeology is about to be tested in public!

Has PAS forgotten why it was created?

Heritage Journal Course for Detectorists

Metal detecting is back. Because it’s wholesome?

Time to announce there will be no more commercial detecting rallies?

Farmer Brown: how to help charity and history through metal detecting

Farmer Brown: something to keep in mind when the crisis ends

Farmer Brown: a 6-year-old mystery solved

Detecting forum admits detecting still going on.

At least we’re not ignored abroad. Merci Happah!

One thing to be glad about

Coronavirus and Detecting: one more thing to do

Britain abandons recording yet metal detecting persists!

Detectival rally cancelled at last

Detectival: shameless organisers still determined not to cancel

Spring Detectival still on despite health crisis

Metal detecting and the CBA’s new leadership

“Metal detecting enthusiasts”: the new unreality.

Grubby detectorist oiks attack Old Sarum. Yawn.

Metal detecting: French fools.

Demolishing the excuses

The ransacking of Boxted

Brexit: a triumph for Britain’s detectorists but a victory for European culture

Careless (or selective) words cost culture.

Time to re-think treasure rewards?

Metal detecting in aspic

PAS gives catastrophic advice to detectorists AGAIN!

Metal detecting “in the public interest”!

In praise of Shropshire council, heritage guardians!


A Hogmanay word from Farmer Jock Brown

An end of year impossible puzzle

Was there a pragmatic decision to recover only PART of the Staffordshire Hoard?

Transparency Bill to make it harder to steal from our cookie jar

How dare archaeologists go on strike this week? Well …

Farmer Brown is feeling Christmassy!

Helen Geake to stand for Parliament.

The extra heritage risk posed by detecting holidays

At last, knowledge theft recognised as a serious crime

Metal detecting time travel in Essex!

A foolproof test of detectorists’ honesty

A Conference on rare egg collecting

Confirmed. The Staffordshire Hoard searches WERE in adequate.

Brexit looms. What now for metal detecting?

Uncouth Britain, where 78-year-old detectorists quarrel over their preciouses!

Heritage Journal announces online metal detecting course.

Why the official Advice to Landowners puts heritage and farmers at risk

Grossly incomplete Heritage at Risk list published

Six ways metal detectorists are misleading landowners

Staffordshire Hoard: less talk, more walk?

A reminder that artefacts are culture for all not prey for individuals

Portable Antiquities – not a new problem

One more aspect of metal detecting archaeologists need to worry about

The Dishonesty Code

Detecting Holidays for Americans with blinkers

A detecting rally a mile from Salisbury Cathedral

The Staffordshire Hoard: no we won’t desist.

Has the Chew Valley Hoard revealed something else important?

Mystic Harry predicts

A warning from a friend

Why unsupervised digging of the Chew Valley Hoard should be punishable

Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field

Banksy and Vaizey

A plea for protection of the remaining Staffordshire Hoard by People Power!

Can recreational removal of cave art be “responsible2?

Let’s make egg collecting great again!

Firefly stealth devices!

Hot spots: how about it PAS et al?

PAS now providing respectability for damaging the NON-METALLIC record as well!

Landowners: please don’t be an accessory to a heritage crime.

“Security” at the Staffordshire Hoard site?!

How much of the Staffordshire Hoard has been stolen?

One-eyed heritage protection

PAS flogging a putrifying horse

Two different sorts of archaeology

“Steer clear of this bloke!”

Not all Finds Liaison Officers are the same

Are detecting rallies seedbeds of human generosity?

Farmer Brown: bumpkins and heroes

Farmer Brown puts a cat among the pigeons!

Metal detecting: the pity of it.

Farmer Brown: a foolproof way to ensure metal detectorists are honest.

Payment for metal detecting and payment for not metal detecting!

40 years of holiday extraction by portly American baseball-hatted heroes.

Should archaeologists get Treasure rewards?

Beware the “democracy” excuse.

Farmer Brown; two spoons of heritage poison from PAS

Detectorist threatens CBA and Rescue!

No need to reform detecting? Really?

Farmer Brown: a word about metal detecting “certificates”.

Rescue signals it thinks a detecting Institute isn’t viable?

A better way to prevent knowledge loss

Crass detecting holiday for Americans featured on prime time TV

Remember Iraq 13 April 2003

Rescue’s AGM to consider amending Rescue’s conservation views!

PAS takes detectorists’ side against landowners – yet again!

As if Britain hadn’t been humiliated enough this week!

But WHY did Cadburys do it?

The shame isn’t Cadburys it’s that Cadburys hadn’t been told!

Advice on how to avoid “prying eyes” when exporting cultural goods!

Farmer Brown’s mum: Plain speaking about imminent reforms to detecting.

Artefact Erosion Counter 400,000 too low since July?

The treasure reform’s greatest benefit that no-one has mentioned

Metal detecting reform:the evidence that won’t be offered.

Detecting to be reformed at last – but to what purpose?

Plans to regulate metal detecting condemned

Rehabilitation of metal detecting – at last!

No PAS, it’s not we who are the problem!

Sweden being asked to give itself the British disease

More signs that treasure rewards will soon be slashed?

Metal detecting: silence is complicity

Farmer Brown: are metal detecting rallies really insured?

Another Minister catastrophically mis-briefed on metal detecting.

Detecting forum removes images in a panic – but not fast enough.

Is Oswestry Britain’s unluckiest town?


Metal detecting: which team will YOU support in 2019?

The detecting reality that abuse won’t remove

Heritage Journal helping Conservation Abroad?

If PAS gets Brexited can something good come out of it?

Treasure Rewards to be ending soon?

Oxford to offer courses in Archaeological posing

Closure of English Heritage’s Outreach Department: a sad anniversary.

PAS shifts position on metal detecting

Sainsbury’s to adopt Britain’s Treasure system? Shareholders livid!

PAS and The Treasure Registrar: more Sir Humphrey than Sir Humphrey.

Saturday moan

Is PAS paid to blaggard the non-detecting public?

Tension at the PAS Conference

Upton Upon Severn: a shortage of people willing to indulge in knowledge theft.

The moment of truth for British Archaeology?

What did Dr Mike Heyworth say yesterday?

I beg to differ with PAS

Heritage Journal announces support for sustainable metal detecting.

PAS now more pro-detecting than detectorists?

10 years of knowledge theft at a single farm…

Essex farmer to permit metal detecting rally for the TENTH time!

The crime you can’t be done for in the Cotswolds.

PAS muses whether detectorists will pay for the upkeep of PAS.

Metal detecting: all we want is sense and decency and then we’d shut up!

Farmer Brown: you’ll only get your property if you’re dead.

Six academics may wish to reflect ….

A question writ large in the sun drenched fields: “Why the hell defend “laissez faire”?

PAS now says it doesn’t matter if you don’t report your metal detecting finds!

An exciting new development in metal detecting worth millions to charity – Jason’s Rule!

For the avoidance of doubt: charity detecting rallies ARE a complete racket

Heritage hero to donate Roman gold ring to charity

Should those in receipt of public funds downplay the damage?

Metal detecting is marvellous (it says here)

Lovely weather to metal detect where it causes damage

Conservation Shame

Treasure without blather

Nighthawks are respectable detectorists….

National Trust behind the conservation curve – as so often.

PAS statistics: how many lies?

Heritage Crime: is the drip, drip, drip finally working?

Heritage Crime: a very British muddle

FFF (Farmer Fooling Falsehoods)

From Archaeology to Oikology – Britain’s retreat from learning

Hyperbolic and Sycophantic but the Journal’s still going strong

A self-explanatory detecting glossary

PAS’s greatest and most damaging failure

Selfless “archaeologists”: you decide.

France’s attitude on detecting is 7 years behind us!

Why can,t I metal detect on public land?

A detecting rally at Stonehenge

Warning. Blatant door-to-door scam!

The Fourth Plinth: an invisible reproach to Britain

A tale of erosion in three cities

New FLO facing difficult job interview!

The end of mass detecting rallies?

Why does “Metal Detecting” + “charity” give you so many Google Hits?

PAS: apology awaited.

PAS Manual: smile, whatever you think!

Farmer Brown: If it walks like an oik and talks like an oik ….

Hoorah! European Council for metal detecting makes suicidal alliance!

Heritage hero tells it how it actually is!

No more ivory or metal detecting items on TV antiques auctions?

How many “legal” detectorists are looters?

Farmer Brown: more evidence Sainsbury’s SHOULD be in charge of detecting

Let’s put Sainsbury’s in charge of metal detecting!

Establishment STILL betraying farmers

Seriously America, stop moaning!

There’s a new metal detecting code – first the good news


Britain’s heritage now being stripped on an industrial scale

Official advice to detectorists: act as if farmers have no rights!

Metal detecting and terminological inexactitude.

The Treasure Registrar: fake news and misleading the taxpaying public.

Farmer Brown:”Oiks” is far too kind.

British detectorists to adopt heritage friendly reforms. (In a dream).

Treasure Registrar tells it how it isn’t.

Another day, another metal detecting racket

The Portable Antiquities Scheme’s second greatest failure

Local Authorities and metal detecting: a proposal

Dear Metal Detectorist

Nighthawks exonerated!

Holes in history: Mongolia defends, Britain pretends

Artefact hunting: who should make the rules?

Heritage theft: why can’t we ID these people?

Archaeologists deliver “low blow” to metal detecting

Shouldn’t the main beneficiaries of rallies be landowners and the public?

Ivory trade banned but artefact humiliation remains

Hurrah, a journalist who didn’t get the memo

I’ve dug up a chuffing skull with a coin in its mouth

BBC Twisted History Magazine

Shock horror – 130 historic relics dug up and sold

PAS partners supporting it at £0.0004 per week.

Stupid Mexico gets tough on culture crime

Detectorists deny exporting the British desease

Egypt loses 33,000 artefacts whereas Britain…

Treasure heroism; BEST TELL THE TRUTH?

Farmer Beown: beware “historians” and “charity workers”

Accepting £1,000 to allow detecting may cost you dear

Britain now has a hoiking exchange

Thhe Big Question

Bet no farmer has ever been told about this

The circus even North Korea won’t tolerate

No reward for detectorists?

Two faces of threasure finding

Heroic finders and praiseworthy PAS

Metal detecting: Six words that still can’t be said

When deep ploughing is ransacking

Nighthawking is about to become highly risky

Farmer Brown warns: do not let detecting finds off your farm unseen

Further compelling evidence of massive daily harm to heritage

From the Horse’s Mouth: the future of commercial artefact hunting in Britain

Metal Detecting: time to put farmers in the saddle?

Director of CBA asks: what shall we do about detecting rallies?

Out of the mouths of FLOs and dissidents

The insidious creep of the acceptance of knowledge theft

PAS performs another round of the Darwinian quango survival dance

As if Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions weren’t embarrassing enough for Britain

Dr Hardy’s two detecting bombshells: what should happen next?

A second bombshell for Britain from Dr Sam Hardy

Britain is trying to export its mistake to Europe.

Study says Britain’s laissez faire system doesn’t work

Heritage Action and the Portable Antiquities losses (by Paul Barford)

Heritage Crime covered up

Metal detecting Nirvana! “There isn’t no hard and fast rules

The scourge of contaminated green waste: what YOU can do

Farmland after Brexit. Oh dear.

Damn fool farmer ripped off by metal detecting policeman

Bonkers Britain is open for business

Metal detecting reform: China points the way

So farmers are history hating ignorami are they?


Should we employ choirs of angels to praise detectorists full time?

In defence of our national encyclopaedia

Farmer Brown: Charity Rallies – the damaging fiction no-one mentions

A review of the PAS Conference 2016

The wrong Portable Antiquities Conference is being held tomorrow

Breaking News: PAS debate in Ireland cancelled as British guest speakers “bullied”!

Why is PAS lobbying against Europe’s conservation laws?

The PAS Conference 2016: delivering the truth in code.

Enhanced technology leaves remaining Staffs Hoard even more open to theft

Farmer Brown: a new detecting code! But will it be emasculated again?

Metal detecting: a miasma of statistics and lies.

The Erosion Counter is wrong!

A very British spectacle

French make fools of the Brexiting British.

We’re an Exam Question!

PAS still promoting cranial trapanation.

Metal detecting: redressing “the murder of memories” in Syria and Britain.

Now TWO official bodies have shown Glasgow University is in the wrong!

Farmer Brown: beware the maths!

Citizen conservationists? We accept!

BM twigs about citizen archaeology

British Museum playing supportive role in killing for fun?

The Brexpig: not all bad.

British Museum insults archaeologists

Please give an update on the #35,ooo stolen at Twinstead

Hurrah! A great day for metal detecting

Kakistocracy rules!

“Nighthawks” vindicated

How many British treasure rewards are far too high? All of them?

What else can we offer you Mr Nighthawk?

British artefact hunting “the envy of the world”

British Museum ignoring Ireland’s right to self determination

“Archae-ology for all”: a license to be ugly?

The Finding a Hoard Guidelines reiterated

Silas Brown’s bloody scandal

The wages of oikism

Farmer Brown: I ain’t signing that!

Knowledge has never been more threatened

OFCOM opts to back yob culture

L’Angleterre, ah, la perfide Angleterre

Farmer Brown: Britain’s selective view of Heritage Crime

Metal detecting and the polluter pays principle

Farmer Brown: a VERY unusual metal detecting club!

Archaeology (and avoiding it) made simple

A review of battlefield recovery

Another fine bash at Weyhill Fair

Tele-hooligans repeat the Lenborough lie

Lenborough comes to Latvia

Official view of best practice amended


Good news for archaeology! But will it be crushed?

Does a detecting club owe landwners £32500?

BBC comedy ends in tragedy

PAS is shrinking. It matters. What’s to be done?

Farmer Brown to speak at the PAS Conference!

PAS in a tangle: they say the Emperor IS and ISN’T naked!

Lenborough: a lesson unlearned

Why does no-one warn farmers to get independent valuations?

Mr Lincoln’s two opposite views of metal detecting

Nighthawking: it’s all hogwash!

Farmer Graham tells archaeologist Mark Horton …

Oh Diddums!

There goes the neighbourhood

“New PAS” lays bare the grim reality of their “partnership”. Deliberately?

Farmer Brown: metal detecting in support of the obnoxious

More myth peddling: two policemen and a detectorist

Three early tests for the new management of PAS

Myth peddlers: two archaeos and two detectorists

Archaeologist criticises Irish Detectorists. Rightly?

Farmer Brown writes to the new leader of PAS

Metal detecting: confessions of a crashing bore

Metal detecting: the unopposed march of the snook cockers

Misinforming the middle classes about heritage theft

Ten truths the new PAS must make clear

The undeserving hobby gets its just deserts

The true definition of heritage crime

Staffordshire Hoard under researched?

A history of metal detecting in 3 flyers

Rather sad – one village, two populations!

More stunning quotes from the new Culture Secretary

A Culture Secretary who understands?

Festival of WHATology?

Farmer Brown: spot the O’Porky

Shambolic call for legalisation of detecting in Ireland

Shameful heritage plunder near Avebury

Why misinform those who can end bad practice?

A polite message to PAS

Next time you hear about metal detecting heroes

Alls well that’s Orwell

Six words that can’t be said

Portable Antiquities Scheme created in America

Nighthawks: the undeserving poster boys of heritage damage

Central Searchers – the evidence: you decide!

Lenborough Hoard: c’est foutaise!

Heritage thefts in Alaska, England and Wales

PAS to staff: “don’t mention the crooks”

Farmers are greedy and archaeologists are money-grabbing

My Heritage Will and Testament by Farmer Brown

Lenborough: “there was no way we could guard that hoard overnight”

Why DO British finders have the legal right to be wreckers?

Reckless removal of hoards: can APPAG help?

Hoard Hoiking: it’s not just the doing….


New Year new hope?

A seasonal message to archaeologists

Is it “mean” to keep criticising PAS?

Hey, Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage, why so quiet?

Legally digging right now: an unknown number of wrong ‘uns!

Farmer Brown: a modern mystery

Time to pay detectorists to behave?

Wales: like Syria without the guns

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Please help get Weyhill Fair scheduled

Weyhill Fair – the end.

Now Weyhill Fair. Oh dear.

In Bonkers Britain conservation is gangrenous propogandist claptrap

PAS  lines up with Tesco’s about taking goods home unseen

French accuse English of cultural piracy

Farmer Brown: 17 detectorists who have never found ANYTHING!

Erosion Counter reaches huge milestone but see who helped contruct it!

Britain’s “Grin and Bear it” solution to unmitigated destruction

Applying a DIM test to metal detectorists

Identify the MD muppet

An urgent message for British farmers

A Community Archaeology project to reduce nighthawking!

Glasgow University, nighthawking and moral philosophy

No, York University is NOT endorsing metal detecting!

Americans warned that conservation is a communist plot

Farmer Brown: metal detecting throws up a genius?

Brer Metal Detectorist asks for non-stick tar

Nighthawking and artefact theft: an open letter

Farmer Brown: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Guess the stone circle competition Part 2

Farmer Brown: For the Nth time, the finds are the landowner’s, OK?

Metal detecting: a crack in the dam?

Farmer Brown: Joy that a sinner repenteth (and a drinking song)

A proven way to massively increase English Heritage’s funding

Farmer Brown: silence is complicity

More academic discussion of Heritage Ethics!

Farmer Brown, artefact hunting and the pig that asks “Cui bono”?

Britain’s Portable Antiquities policy: an intimation of journey’s end?

So what IS “responsible detecting”?

Has Metal Detecting fallen prey to kakistocracy?

Metal detecting and a mess born of professional arrogance

Is there a hole in The Post Hole’s poll?

Heritage Journal declines to defend Artefact Erosion Counter

Farmer Brown to hold a metal detecting rally

How to set up a Portable Antiquities Scheme

Benefactors being slandered by beneficiaries?

Pick ‘n mix ethicality


An end of year light at the end of the tunnel

Me, me me!

Embarrassing Inconsistencies #3: licence and license

Farmer Brown: the “biggest detecting scam in the world” contest

No European culture thanks, we’re British!

So what exactly is our problem with artefact hunting?

Crosby Garrett Helmet: Rum and rummer

Farmer Brown: Heritage bloke admits he’s a bore

Frickin’ Heritage Action?!

No need to apologise Mr Vaizey, you were a help

Ed Vaisey insults every archaeologist

The most irresponsible metal detecting events in the universe

Scouts metal detecting: to the parents.

The Erosion Counter is wrong!

Church Commissioners being short-changed by Mammon?

Farmer Brown finds the perfect question!

The Cacheology Society of the United Kingdom

Embarrassing Inconsistencies #1: the definition of Heritage Crime

Farmer Brown’s mum attacks historians and saints

Every community attacked!

Bettany Hughes damages archaeology!

Staffordshire Joke

Middle England mugged!

Farmer Brown gets VERY confused. Can anyone help him?

Ethical detecting makes me want to throw up!

At last, Paul Barford and Mike Heyworth in total agreement

Farmer Brown: “Think you’re insured against damage by artefact hunters?

America backs us!

Farmer Brown: “taking without permission is stealing – duh!”

Mumbo steps out of the shadows!

Another plea to the Archaeology Forum: action needed.

Lawful and awful

Spare a thought for the Finds Liaison Officers

Farmer Brown: why Somerset landowners should beware of history locusts!

Nighthawk issued with metal detecting permit

Farmer Brown on calls for a Twinstead dénouement without scruples

An apology

Central Searchers demolish the crass barrier again

CBA confirms the Artefact Erosion Counter is a “reasonable basis”!

Farmer Brown on why finds agreements should never be signed

A picture to be viewed with contempt

How to reduce nighthawking: stop using the word!

More nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field

Gold! Do Britain’s Secret Treasures reveal Britain’s secret rift?

Recent nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field

Why you might not get to know your FLO

Heritage High Treason in Bedfordshire?

Has part of the Staffordshire Hoard been stolen – UPDATE

Has part of the Staffordshire Hoard been stolen?


Heritage crime and punishment gets a bit more logical

Breaking news: now here’s a funny thing

Is the end of “responsible metal detecting” nigh?

Heritage Action threatened on two continents

Looting Boosted

Hurrah! Reporting to PAS made compulsory!

A Landowner’s guide to Finds Agreements – Part 2

Farmer Brown writes again

This morning Wiltshire and Britain are a little better off

“Theft from landowners”: how come no-one tells us farmers about it?

Nighthawk caught. Great job, but

NCMD admits massive untruth

NCMD to make reporting all finds to PAS compulsory

Codes to pose with

Regton’s acknowledge Heritage Action was quite right

“Britain’s secret treasures” creates Brum boom

Britain’s lost treasures

Festival of British Oikism

Now government promotes egg collecting for profit!

Hypocrites and heroes in Furness

PAS says we’re trolls!


Shambolic and inappropriate stewardship of potential Treasure

How simple logic exposes Britain’s portable antiquities falsehoods


A second open letter to the Heritage Forum

Don’t build jubilee beacons on heritage sites!

Wow! America says we’ve been right all along!

Does it matter to Britain if the Yanks are crass? Yes and no.

The STOP Campaign that didn’t get strangled at birth!

A NEW “Stop taking our Past” Campaign – this time with universal support!

A Landowners’ Guide to “Finds Agreements”(Part 1)

The mystery of the missing outreach


BBC no longer insulting amateur archaeologists

Horses for Coarseness

Mass theft at Twinstead Rally and what it means

A way for artefact hunters to become utterly adorable

A way for artefact hunters to become lovable

UK Detectornet forum provides an excuse for irresponsible behaviour – again!

Metal detecting: a sad 10th anniversary

Guilty M’Lord…….and Please, Dr Heyworth…….and Please Prince Charles  

Why it matters 


Metal detecting: honesty IS the best policy.

Charity Metal Detecting rallies: a racket exposed.

Largest metal detecting forum admits major cover-up

BBC finally gets it – amateur archaeologists don’t pocket archaeology

French organisation condemns British promotion of Treasure Hunting

BBC misleads viewers – but who misled the BBC?

Sir Barry Cunliffe on the definition of heritage theft

PAS’s response to Question #1

Question for PAS #1

The Heritage Sector’s rouge element

Three cheers for amateur archaeologists!

Big Society yes. No society, no!

Farmer Eric Robinson on the people who found the Crosby Garrett helmet

Metal-detecting – fantaisies-fictions-et-faussetes

A bit more evidence the tanker is turning?

Deep metal detecting: an open letter to the Archaeology Forum 

Running detecting rallies: it’s a living innit?

The Erosion Counter – still ticking relentlessly despite the denials


Association of Ethical Purchasers of British Portable Antiquities

Opposing certain heritage threats now “unaffordable”

Metal Detecting and poetry

Outreach: the term turns

Culture spokesperson gets mobbed in House of Lords

Ethical Metal Detecting Association launched!

Minelab announces a major and disastrous technological advance!

Beyond the mumbo jumbo – Part 2

Crosby Garrett helmet sold, museum loses out, hero gets rich

Beyond the mumbo jumbo – Part 1

A sincere apology from Heritage Action to metal detectorists

Helmet Ransom

World’s patrimony still exposed to pillage

The Crosby Garrett Helmet (Hiccus!)

Good news: English Heritage to focus upon Education, Education, Education

Whose interest will PAS protect? Landowners or detectorists?

Metal detecting: a simple test of heritage heroism

Metal detecting: a letter to Ireland

Metal detecting: an Irish solution to an English problem (part 4)

Metal Detecting: An Irish Solution to an English Problem (part 3)

Metal Detecting: An Irish Solution to an English Problem (part 2)

Metal Detecting: An Irish Solution to an English Problem (part 1)

More rip-off rallies

Central Searchers goes underground!

Home truths from abroad

Bank holiday Crassfest…

Careless words cost history

Metal detecting: a quiet earthquake

Quote of the Week: Lord Renfrew

Culture Vulture

Thatcher’s children return to Avebury 5 years and 265 years on

Nighthawks should be called “Site burglars” say detectorists. Wrong again!

More Wiltshire local history being flogged off “for charity”

Staffordshire Hoard: Parting the Piggy Bank

Lucrative heroism?

Heritage Action vindicated at Portable Antiquities conference

Largest detecting forum confesses to undermining PAS

PAS to support metal detecting sales push

Metal detecting and helping Mr Trump: two additions to the school timetable?

Wiltshire metal detecting rally flouts archaeological guidelines


Metal detecting at the end of the noughties: bad just got worse

Metal Detecting: a letter to English Heritage

Staffordshire hoard: reward shouldn’t be £3.2m but £32m claims detectorist!

The Staffordshire Hoard and Detecting? My Irish Eyes see an Illegal Activity

Legalised metal detecting? “No thanks, we’re French (and care for our history)”

National Council for Metal Detecting say reward delays are “unacceptable”!

Detectorist Michael Darke on what his share of YOUR £500,000 means to him

Detectorists dig up 11,000 artefacts in two week period. Every fortnight!

Metal detecting: half a million artefacts removed since UK exited Basra

Metal Detecting: more evidence it’s all for the love of history?

Metal Detecting: now the dealers are heroes too!

Metal Detecting: support from abroad – but look who it’s from!

NEWS: Metal detectorist jailed for six months

Metal detecting for money: Isobel, 7, shames the sham heroes.

Metal detecting is purely about love of history: UPDATE

Metal detecting is purely about love of history: computer says no!

Mr Browning, heritage hero – UPDATE

French metal detectorists seek archaeological asylum in Britain!

Metal detecting: annoyed by the rules? Make up your own!

Nighthawking: much ado about the wrong thing.

Heritage heroism: it depends who you talk to.

At last! Britain to stamp on nighthawks


Mr John Browning, true heritage hero

Heritage Action nuzzled by a dead sheep

Is a code for responsible detecting too much to ask?

Britain shamed by Germany

Bound for the USA


Ten million artefacts taken


A very good day for metal detecting

Metal detectorists aim for a second own goal!


Thankyou for your patience

Encouraging responsible metal detecting

Shameful heritage plunder near Avebury