The carving on this post is from the interior of a replica Iron Age roundhouse at Barbury Castle. Sadly the roundhouse was totally destroyed by a fire started by vandals in 2008. 

Sorley’s Weather

Yet rest there, Shelley, on the sill,
For though the winds come frorely
I’m away to the rain-blown hill
And the ghost of Sorley.

Charles Hamilton Sorley 1895-1915

From Sorley’s Weather by Captain Robert Graves (Fairies and Fusiliers, 1917). The WWI poet, Charles Hamilton Sorley (only 20 when he died), wrote this poem about Barbury Castle which ends with the above. Fitting, on the day when we learn that nearby Wootton Bassett is to become ‘royal’. Here’s to what’s been lost everywhere. See also Rhiannon’s link of 4 October 2005 here – .