(C) Andy Rhine-Tutt

Last year saw a lantern procession at Stonehenge, “the first for centuries”  and we reported on what was a highly successful event.  We’re big fans as it seems such a respectful use of the monument and we included it in our series New Ways Stonehenge could be used. At the time we expressed the hope it would become a tradition that will carry on into the far distant future and the omens are good for the Visit Amesbury organisation has just released details of a repeat event. They say:

“The 2nd Lantern Parade from Stonehenge to Amesbury will take place on Friday 21st December 2012 (not the 20th as we suggested earlier). This year’s route will be different to the one taken last year too. From the heel stone it will follow the original Avenue route to Kings Barrow Ridge, turning left on to the byways to join Countess Road (North) at the junction with Byway 9a & 37 and then following the footpath in to Amesbury to the Methodist Church.

Tickets are available from The Amesbury Community & Visitors Centre and The Bowman Centre. The ticket is just £5.00 to include the lantern, a bus journey from Amesbury bus station and refreshments. If you already have a lantern and so don’t need to purchase one, the voucher for bus and refreshments is just £2.00. If you wish to take part without transport to Stonehenge or lantern or refreshments then you must still register and read the information sheet. There will be NO facility to park at Stonehenge.

Please note winter clothing & sensible footwear is essential and NO naked flames are permitted on the walk. Please feel free to decorate your lantern beforehand if you wish, the best processional lantern on the day will receive a small prize.

If you have any queries please contact Alice Membery, Deputy Clerk on 01980 622999 or email: deputyclerk@amesburytc.org.uk”

Book your place early to avoid disappointment, because this could be huge!