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Dear Fellow Landowners,

This is just bonkers! On Rally UK detecting forum they’re discussing the Twinstead rally. That was where perhaps £100,000-worth of gold sovereigns  were taken home without the farmer or anyone else being told and the police were called in and the organiser announced “If you all think your getting away with it think again….the offence carries a custodial sentence”. Many were returned and declared Treasure but it seems museums don’t want to buy them so finally the farmer will get them. You’d think. But the detectorists hope not:

“The farmer will be contacted and unless he has any objection the coins will be returned to their original finders. Seeing as he has a half share agreement in all the coins collected two days later when the top layer of soil was removed hopefully he will not mind letting the few honest detectorists who handed them in have their coins back!!!!” 

So despite the fact they took them home without telling him they now think he should give them the ruddy coins! Amazing! Do Tesco’s have that policy? And bear in mind, according to the police at least 100 other sovereigns were taken home by other detectorists at the rally and have never been returned (forum talk at the time said one of them had 70) so if he gives away the returned ones he’ll be ending up with NONE of the coins found that day. Detectorists will have had them all!

Silas Brown


(PS, I’d love to know what this “half share agreement in all the coins collected two days later” is all about. An agreement with whom? And why?)



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