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Still odd
Just a thought about all this dreadful weather. Will it cause a re-think on having holes in the Stonehenge Visitors Centre roof? Anyone know? (See them here)

The crocodile that shed monetary tears
There’s a public appeal to enable Middlewich Town Council to buy a rare 17th century ring valued at £1,900. The finder, local detectorist Michael said: “we’re all made up that it looks like the ring is going to stay in the town as there was talk of Chester buying it”. No Michael, there was never any danger of that, all you needed to do was renounce you £950 reward – and you still can. After all, if you’ve been metal detecting for say 5 years we’ve already spent a total of £900 persuading you to adopt best practice so fair’s fair eh?

So Smooth
Here’s a video of a sea trial of the fantastic Bronze Age boat that has just taken place in Falmouth harbour. What’s striking is how amazingly stable it seems. It makes you wonder, would a bigger version be capable of towing a raft loaded with a couple of blue stones? 😉


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