Here’s an Environmental Impact Assessment (not sure for whose benefit, everyone’s presumably.)  It has “been carried out in accordance with the English Heritage Guidance Document  – The Setting of Heritage Assets” but it has used a particular scoring system to assess “kinetic” views. It’s a very long document, not easy for amateurs or councillors to follow but Page 62 is nice and clear for them, and soothing ….


Page 62.  Summary of Impacts on Key Views

The scoring system adopted follows the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Cultural Heritage Environmental Impact Assessment methodology, as adapted by ICOMOS for assessing impacts on the outstanding universal value of World Heritage Sites

[But is that entirely the most appropriate scoring system to use here? I guess that will become clear from the results it throws up. – Ed.]

The Assessment of the proposed masterplan development shows that the impact on key views will be as follows:
Slight beneficial 1
Neutral 6
Slight adverse 2

[Aaah. Ed.]