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We now look at some possible alignment sites around the world.

The Hopi Tribelands, Arizona

In NE Arizona, the ancestral home of the Hopi tribe, are three mesas that are said to mimic the positions of the Orion’s belt stars. Furthermore, Ancient Aliens proponents suggest that several villages around the mesas can be shown to mark other stars of the constellation.

This suggestion has been comprehensively debunked on Jason Colavito’s website and is worth a read.

The Hurlers, Cornwall

A short distance from the village of Minions on Bodmin Moor, the Hurlers complex consists of three stone circles on sloping moorland. The circles are close together, making the shortest potential alignment mentioned in this series. The circles are oriented NE-SW 194 degrees over just 0.1 miles.

The Hurlers appear in this list due to the numerical association with Orion’s Belt and the fact that they look ‘right’, but sterling work done by Caroline Kennett has found no definitive association with Orion. There is, however, a potential association and alignment here with the Milky Way, and Caroline has created a video discussing the archaeological and astronomical links at the site.

Tregeseal, Cornwall

An alleged 3-circle complex, of which only the eastern circle is extant. Although the position of the second circle is known, there are no remains of the third – which may have been a burial cairn rather than a stone circle. This means that it is very difficult to ascertain any potential alignments and comparisons with Orion’s Belt.

The extant circle can be seen on the right of the old aerial shot of the site. The assumed positions of the other circles are also shown.

The site is thought to have been roughly aligned E-W on a heading of 265 degrees over around half a mile at most.

Many outrageous alignments and claims concerning connections between Orion’s Belt and worldwide ancient sites (Nazca Lines as Orion? Alien adrenochrome harvesting?, Lizard people and Nazis??) can be found via a simple Google search. The connection seems to be a favourite of the conspiracy theorists. One such example is the OrionLines website. Caution, severe suspension of belief is required as demonstrated by the following quote from OrionLines:

The reality is, Orion rules this world. They have been coming here for thousands of years using us for slaves, food and drug, ADRENOCHROME. The Orion Group is a SATANIC FORCE who takes over star systems. The Elite of The World have been secretly worshipping them and working for them, FEEDING them people as food in secret. It’s all truth.

Nearly every ancient site has three things in common.
1) They All Align to ORION
2) Human Sacrifice (Adrenochrome Harvesting) and Mass Graves
3) Mass Extinction of Entire Human Society

Meanwhile, back here in the real world, we’ll sum up our conclusions tomorrow!


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