Map of earthworks at Priddy Rings, Somerset by C H Bothamley

The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 makes it a criminal offence to destroy or damage a scheduled monument through and including agriculture,  forestry,  flooding and tipping.

Sometimes it beggars belief that unique Scheduled Ancient Monuments get ‘trashed’ by farmers but every now and then it happens, and this time a large part of one of the Priddy Circles has been bulldozed into the ground. The Circles may not look much on the ground but from the air these impressive four Neolithic henges, trace a line across the landscape of the Mendips, close by to the linear barrow cemeteries of Ashen Hill and Nine Barrows.

News in This is Somerset states that… Land near the circles appears to have been recently re-seeded and tree saplings have been planted close by. Further photographic evidence on The Megalithic Portal, show that part of the southernmost circle has been partly bulldozed flat. Did the person that did this know of their importance??? Well that remains to be seen, but such vandalisation should be rewarded by prosecution and a stiff fine at least.