Oswestry Town Council has posted its draft response to the hillfort housing sites ahead of it’s meeting tonight. As HOOOH explain:

“They have basically voted to go with English Heritage’s view that was made back last August – which is to accept housing on OSW003 and OSW004 (with some observations…) and reject OSW002. Also, like EH, they have said ‘no’ to the car park by the eastern entrance. 

However, we feel from feedback from councillors that they have certainly felt the pressure of the campaigning and have begun to wobble. One has stated on Facebook that Oswestry Town Council are opposed to building by the hillfort but voted to support English Heritage recommendations, adding that it is “EH who have withdrawn opposition to 2 of the sites, NOT the town council.”

Sounds a bit like “It’s EH’s fault, not ours, we’d love to have voted not to damage the setting but the big boys (EH and the deep-pocketed litigious developers) made us do it…”

HOOOH are urging as many people as possible to attend the protest and the public Q&A session at the Council’s meeting straight after.


See what happened here. A glimmer of light?