Back in September the Environment Agency released a massive amount of open source LIDAR data for England and Wales. It is a bit patchy but we found LIDAR for ten well known (and not so well known) prehistoric sites. Your task over the Christmas break was simply to identify each of the sites.

So how did you do?

1.  Arminghall Henge, Norwich, Norfolk. 1

2. Maiden Castle, Dorchester, Dorset.2

3. Avebury, Wiltshire3

4. Merry Maidens, Boleigh, Cornwall4

5. Staden Enclosure, Buxton, Derbyshire5

6. Stanton Drew, Somerset6

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire7

8. Bryn Celli Ddu. Anglesey8

9. Gamelands, Cumbria9

10. Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

Have you investigated the data yet? What sites have you found?

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