Dear Fellow Landowners,

What do you make of this:

Allectus: “Has the farmer got a machine with a ditching bucket (they usually have) he/you can use? …..If he has, that’s the way to go mate.”
Donington Mudman: “Cheers A, I’m meeting the farmer on a Saturday, he says he might put the plough through it next week for me. Didn’t think about asking him to given a deeper dig, I’ll see what he says.”
Alloverover: “Allectus is right mate, as a first port of call try and get the farmer to scrape 6″ off at a time, depends how interested he is if he will do it or not, and how much you can tell him it might be worth his while”.

Surely most of us farmers don’t want to deliberately damage archaeology? So the question is, what on earth did this lot say to convince that farmer it was OK?

“Don’t worry there’s probably nothing there?”
“Don’t worry there’s probably lots there, we’ll be rich?”
“Don’t worry, archaeologists would approve?”

Seems likely. So please, before you let anyone onto your land, watch how they walk. And talk.

Best wishes,

Silas Brown,
Grunters Hollow,