A PAS employee has said one of our recent articles is “fake news”, “a sham”, “click bait” and “full of half-truths and outright lies”. Wow, we beg to differ (it’s here, if you’d like to decide for yourself).

We feel PAS management has no businesss allowing such attacks on ordinary, concerned members of the public (that’s us!) who have every right to be resentful of the vast quantity of knowledge theft which lies behind the decorative PAS database. Particularly using the crude Trumpism, “fake news”. In reality we’re sincere and we’re entitled and a PAS employee shouldn’t imply otherwise.

If PAS management wishes to say we’re not sincere and not entitled let them say so. And if they wish to say we’re wrong that a vast quantity of knowledge theft lies behind their data base, let them. And let them use that specific phrase, knowledge theft. They never do. Blaggarding, it seems, is reserved for the undeserving.


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