Spring Detectival 2020 is the latest in a series of similar massive events, this one scheduled for April. They are particularly unwelcome and damaging because of their sheer size and because they cater for detectorists from all over Europe and beyond. It is perhaps a reflection of both the organisers and their customers that despite the current health emergency the event is still being scheduled to go ahead, using the thinnest of excuses:

“The risk to individuals in the UK remains low [really? – Ed.] and there is no restriction on travel or trade. In light of this, our events will take place as normal and we will continue to adhere to UK Government guidance.”

That cynical statement was issued on 6th of March and was already unwise and inaccurate. Most events in Europe had already been cancelled. Now in Britain, as everyone knows the Government will soon ban large events and almost all events including football, rugby and golf have been cancelled by the organisers without waiting for a compulsory ban.

The organisers and customers of detecting rallies are different though: no such cancellation to Detectival 2020 has yet been announced. Perhaps the delay will be noted in Government. Amateur archaeologists working for the common good they aren’t. People of very limited sense who simply want selfish gain they are.


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