Here is the FOURTH  possible suggestion (see our original article in which we asked for ideas. Please feel free to suggest more.)

Returning to the inclusivity theme, couldn’t the needs and wishes of the local community be catered for at Stonehenge? After all, it is they that put up with extra traffic and disruption, arent they owed a bit of privilege in return? And isn’t giving them special access a way to foster a greater sense of local stewardship?

The torchlight procession was a fine example of how the locals feel about Stonehenge, and how they will embrace it given the chance, rather than being kept at arms length. There are other ways they could be welcomed to the site too. What about an Amesbury Day when anyone that arrived by foot from Amesbury could enter free of charge?*** And why not allow Amesbury to hold part of its Annual Community Carnival  on the worlds most spectacular showground?

*** We’ve been informed via a Comment, below, that 30,000 local residents still can get in for free with a Local Residents Card available from Amesbury Library – it was a deal in return for not opposing the closing of the right of way through the circle ninety years ago.


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