Northumberlandia to be dwarfed?
Delegates of the EU-India Coal Working Group recently visited Northumberlandia, the world’s largest figure, 400m long and made from 1.5m tonnes of mining waste from the Shotton mine. Not the biggest for much longer maybe – the Indian delegates may well have been impressed by such a novel way of using waste and if so it’s worth bearing in mind that some of their surface mines are nearly 70 times larger than Shotton. The waste from one of those will make a seriously big lass!


The Crosby Garrett hole
It is now two and a half years since the Crosby Garett helmet came to light as it were. FLOs visiting Cumbria were shown an infilled hole. Like this one probably.

A filled hole in Cumbria

An excavation was promised so that the context of deposition could be established and studied and in fact one may have taken place a few months ago, although nothing has been announced. We’d love to know more.

So much for the ancestors living in harmony with Nature!
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